Wednesday August 6 – Alvvays

Hello dere,

Still don’t feel like writing but I just really wanted to post this tune and update my blog because this record is totally rad and probably my favourite of the summer.

Also side note: I am in fact going back to school this year to continue strides in doing something with my life. I promise I’ll post a few more times before school starts; updates on a few projects I’ve been working on and blah blah blah.

Catch ya later!



Scrambled Thoughts; and Pessimistic Overtones

Hello fine people of the blogosphere!

It is about 3:00am and like most nights these days I just can’t sleep. School has all but ended for the year and I have literally nothing to do during my day. As fate would have it (or shear stupidity) I am left without a job for the summer and all of this free time (wasted time) has been spent pondering what exactly it’s all about.

I’ll elaborate, but first let me paint you a picture.

I spend my days staring at my ceiling, looking for jobs, to no avail, and wondering what are we all working towards? We go to class for 4 years, maybe take another college program, keep working our seemingly dead-end jobs, and stride for this utopian state where our loans are paid and we are safe and secure – but laying here staring at my ceiling, it just sounds like a pile of student loan sized dung.

Now, call me pessimistic (as I’m sure you are) but man sometimes things just don’t work out shooting for this image that we may or may not have in our minds. If you look lower on my blog you will see plenty of screenshots and process work from school and thinking about it kinda just makes me sick. Maybe I’m just tired of spinning my wheels, hoping to get a sudden burst of speed to “progress” towards a better tomorrow; and maybe I’m just currently defeated and haven’t found the motivation to attempt true responsibility again. Not sure, but I have been thinking, maybe I should take a break from this progression. Finances suck, I’m not confident in my abilities and I think I’m a little burnt out.

I could take a year off, start that podcast I’ve always wanted to start; start a video commentary with some friends about video games and get back up on that proverbial horse; pick up croquet, I dunno I just spit-ballin’ here. This will need some more thought but I figured I would present it here first because I just love spewing my unorganized thoughts onto the internet. It’s somewhat of a hobby of mine.

Okay, I’m done for now, but here’s another tune for the sake of continuity.


Processing Typography II – Infamous Neon

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 4.35.44 PM

Little do-dad with Processing using Caligraft. Small tribute to Infamous Second Son.

Another older code reference that I had to do a little updating to get working with Processing 2.1.1. The code keeps running and ends up fading out the image to just show the type in it’s entirety.

I’m not going to post my code on this one but I will post the website for the older code and I can explain how to fix it if anyone wanted to know.




Processing 1.5.1 Fun – Revolution

John Lennon

John Lennon Typography – Using Processing 1.5.1


John Lennon – Original Image

Here’s a typographic portrait of John Lennon done using Processing version 1.5.1 and all the lyrics from the song Revolution. The code I was using was about 5 years old and wouldn’t run properly on the newest version so I had to downgrade and change a few things around to getting it working – such as the P2D renderer not registering so I had to switch to JAVA2D in a few cases but I’ll post the code below so you can see what I was working with. Most of it is pulled right from the reference, but I see this as a learning experience for me.

I wish I could say that I wrote all of this code but I’ve been playing around with this all day and I at least understand it a bit more and am going to keep working with it to get some more personalized results later on.

Here are the links to the references I used and also a link to a Processing text book with a few basic typographic Processing tutorials.



Reference 1.

Reference 2.

PDF Type + Code Textbook.



April 1st – Mac Demarco, Cloud Nothings releases

Whew, that was a lot of class updates. Haven’t been on here in a while so I figured I would share a few things I’ve been working on! At some point I’ll have to start developing a portfolio and fully document these things… but I’ll save that for when I actually want to engage in the professional world. For now I’m content just sitting here and minding my own business. I tend to be in the blogging mood just after Religion class; gets my philosophical mojo going.

So there are about three weeks left of class and man, what a year it’s been. I really hope I’ll make it through these next few weeks but I’ve been working pretty hard lately – especially in comparison to the first part of my year in Interaction Design… #slack – so I think I’ll be just fine. I have three more years to work on my anti-slacking skills anyway.

Hopefully I’ll be posting on here a little more since my stress level has all but depleted. I have a few more assignments like actually coding that app design I’ve been working on, but I’m feeling much more calm.

Speaking of calm…(nice segway amiright?) today is April the 1st, and for some reason everyone decided to release amazing records today! I’m talkin, Mac Demarco, Cloud Nothings, Manchester Orchestra! So much solid listening. I’m trying to think of a good way to share these records with you fine folks… does anyone read WordPress posts anyway?

Serious question here.

I’ll just make a little handy list for starters.

1. Mac Demarco – Salad days


Vancouver born, New York… raised? Whatever, he lives in New York, he’s Canadian and makes rad records, check it out!

2. Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else


Garage punk-rock with a new emo twist. I akin them towards the likes of Japandroids… but maybe that’s just me. Listen. Love it. Tell me what cha think.

3. Manchester Orchestra – Cope


Holy crap, been waiting for this record since I listened the crap out of their last one while on over seas journeys. Always great. Never not great. I really hope I don’t have to explain this one. Haven’t fully dove into it yet; because it came out today, but I do not doubt it’s glory. And also Kim and I are seeing them on May 19th! Way hyped.

Those are the three to come out today… all in one day. Simmer down. But there are two others I’ve been super stoked about so I’ll post those as well.

4. The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream


Super killer chillwave tunes. Psychedelic vibe with airy vocals. I’ve been hyped on psychedelic tunes like Kurt Vile (former of War on Drugs) and Allah-las recently, so this was a welcomed new album for 2014. Really dig this record; easy listening and really growing away from post Kurt Vile blues.

Not really sure if they had blues, it was just an assumption… because Kurt Vile is rad.

5. Real Estate – Atlas


Cannot say enough great things about Real Estate but they never disappoint. And I love their record covers. Super simple and really well formatted. I can see the grids.

Obviously I have a trend of chill, airy tunes going here but seriously great records released this year so far. I think I say that about every year. There’s just always something else to look forward to and I like to keep my tunes all in the family. Here is a quick taste of Mac Demarco’s new record but seriously, just go buy it.

If I wasn’t a starving student I would as well. I take cash or cheque…

IXD – Future UI Design Process


This is the design I created for my Future User Interface video I posted earlier. The basic idea of the interface was to be able to scan plants for nutritional content and actions of the like. The design was keeping it neutral to help blend into the greenhouse where we shot the short clip, future advertisement thing.

I started with the design of this interface and then build the video around this concept. I originally had a few spinning objects created in After Effects for my actor to interact with but I felt it was getting too convoluted and the cut we made represented the interface how I planned initially anyway. We shot the clip in a greenhouse in Toronto and the lighting turned out far better than was planned, but I started messing around with a more dramatic overlay that almost killed it.

I’m happy with how it turned out for my first After Effects trial, but would love to work on more polished works in the near future.