Arduino project, bartending and Sylvan Esso

Hello people,
As per usual, lots to talk about but I’m just popping by for a quick update!

This semester has been crazy stressful and I haven’t had much time to even breathe. Between working as a bartender, (pretty much a life dream) hammering out assignments of varied nature and maintaining some sort of social life, I’m pretty beat. But it ain’t over yet. I’m super nervous about our webGL assignment, because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m sitting in class just pretending I’m a programmer/coder and so far the charade isn’t holding up. We’ll see where I end up.

Recently we completed this electronics assignment where we thought up a mechanical concept (utilizing the Arduino), prototyped it, wired it and laser cut a container to create an end product. We called it the Drunken Noise Box. Such a fun project, and it’s a great step away from coding in a digital space. I’ll post the shaky-ass Vimeo at the end of the post

As for bar-tending, I’m having the time of my life. I somehow got the bartending position at my school pub and I am so stoked to be apart of such a stellar group of people and killer environment. I’ve already meet so many new friends and it’s quickly become the second half of my life. I even bar tended during a USS show, which again, pretty much a life goal checked off the list.

I started this drink recipe collection on scrap paper and a friend suggested to just use a notebook, so I’ll be making like a drinks recipe and reference book, thing. If we ever create our own random drink that’s rad maybe I’ll post it on here or something. Also had the idea of making a digital app and a infographic where people could select a drink to order based on mood and current tastes. Still an idea in progress but it might be cool if people dug it.

Okay, I think that’s it for now, but below I’ll have a new song to check out and my Vimeo of The Drunken Noise Box.



The Useless Machine – Drunken Noise Box from Jordan Morrison on Vimeo.


Wednesday August 6 – Alvvays

Hello dere,

Still don’t feel like writing but I just really wanted to post this tune and update my blog because this record is totally rad and probably my favourite of the summer.

Also side note: I am in fact going back to school this year to continue strides in doing something with my life. I promise I’ll post a few more times before school starts; updates on a few projects I’ve been working on and blah blah blah.

Catch ya later!


Favourite Albums of 2013, etc.

Here we go!

Alright so this has been an insane year for tunes. Huge bands making even larger records.  Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys… actually we’re missing a Black Keys record this year.  That’ll come next year for sure.  The National and Vampire Weekend! and a slew of new talent.

Whew! I know what you’re thinking.  You’re sitting there in your comfy chair, surfing the web and asking yourself, “where do I even start?” Well, I’m here to help.  Here are my top twenty records of 2013, with a few extra categories thrown in to give some variety to the mix.  I hope you agree with at least a few bands and support them by checking out a show when they swing by or even picking up the record at your local distributor!


Trouble Will Find Me

The National – Trouble Will Find Me

1. The National – Trouble Will Find Me 

2. Arcade Fire – Reflektor

3. Generationals – Heza

4. Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends

5. Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse 

6. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

7. The Front BottomsTalon of the Hawk  


Arcade Fire – Reflektor

8. Youth LagoonWonderous Bughouse

9. Cage the Elephant – Melophobia

10. Yuck – Glow & Behold

11. Arctic Monkeys – AM

12. Beach FossilsClash The Truth

13. Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt 

 14. Smith WesternsSoft Will


Generationals – Heza

15. Wavves – Afraid of Heights

16. Surfer BloodPythons

17. The Head and the HeartLet’s Be Still

18. Jake Bugg – Shangri La

19. The Dodos – Carrier

20. Dinosaur Bones – Shaky Dream


Favourite Record Not Released in 2013

Evil Friends

Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends

Saint Motel – Voyeur

Late Entry:

Hebronix – Unreal

Best Canadian Record:

Royal Canoe – Today We’re Believers

Best Track:

Varsity – Smith Westerns

Honourable Mentions:

Pedestrian Verse

Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse

Foals – Holy Fire

Dr. Dog – B-Room

July Talk – Self Titled

DIIV – Oshin

Sigur Ros – Valtari

8track playlist coming soon…

December 20, 2013

Hello folks,

I wanted to make a quick update, talk about a few things and then finally post my list of favourite albums of this year.  If you just want some killer new tunes to check out just skip to the next post and find my list and eventually I’ll post a playlist that I made with one song from each band.  I usually do a small write up of each band in my top five… but I got lazy, so just wiki the bands instead, you’re on the computer anyway.

Here we are at last.  The end of 2013.  I have totally mixed feelings about this year.  Good times, bad times, you know I had my share… Led Zeppelin said it best.  So I already told you my New Years resolution, which I have explained ad nauseum that I think resolutions are dumb.  They mostly revolve around either going to the gym or finding someone to fall in love with… which isn’t even a resolution.  Pick something tangible, and attainable.  By all means shoot for goals but let’s not get carried away by attempting something you don’t actually want to do.

So with that said, my resolution is to stop being so self-righteous (Hm, I guess I’m already off to a bad start with that resolution point) and go to the pub less often… I can feel my brain cells physically dying.  The self-righteous thing comes from getting into arguments with friends that are usually pretty subjective.  I argue because I want them to see that my way is better than theirs.  Granted that is the point of most arguments but why do I get to judge people on their decisions and opinions while mine remain untouchable in my eyes? The answer is that I shouldn’t.  No one should.  We all judge but there’s no sense in pushing it in your friends face’s.

I’ve been trying for years to get those closest to me to listen to my music and understand my sub-culture.  I would love for them to read my blog and listen to my playlists and accept my opinions as their own; that’s one reason I like to write, is to get people to see my way and my thought process and change their minds about even the smallest of details, but sometimes that’s just not how it works. People like what they like and sometimes arguing only makes things worse.  Okay, now for my favourite albums of the year! *Flip to next post.

Front Bottoms//Dads, Poutine(or lack of) and Toronto

Front Bottoms at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto.  That thing between my legs is an empty confetti launcher that I got a hold of. Happy Birthday Buddie!

Front Bottoms at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto.
From left to right – Ciaran O’Donnel – Guitarist, Mathew Uychich – Drums, Nigel – My chum, Me – Touque’less, Tom Warren – Bass, and Brian Sella – Vocals.
That thing between my legs is an empty confetti launcher that I got a hold of. Happy Birthday Buddie!

Another quick update!  Haven’t been in the mood at all for writing but I figured I would at least update my blog here a little.  I’ve spent the last, like five days, in downtown Toronto at my buddies place because I had two shows to go to in the span of three days so I figured I would just hang there until the shows were over.

I’m home now, and so glad.  I can only take so much of the city… and their apartment, sometimes. I had a blast, spend a lot of money, got to see my great friends from school last year, and saw some totally rad shows.  The first being The Front Bottoms! Holy cow they were rad.  Their newest record Talon of the Hawk is the catchiest thing I’ve heard all year, so much so that I’m actually a little burnt out on the them from listening to them all week.  Our friend Joanie actually came all the way from Ottawa to hang with us and to see them play for the second time in two days.  She had already seen them in Ottawa the day before and actually hung out with the bassist Tom Warren.  So when we all went to the show in Toronto she ran into Tom again and we hung out with him the whole night. Super chill dude.

After the insane show of an exceptionally packed bar – to which everyone was moshing at the same time, shoulder to shoulder, resulting in not much actual movement – we stayed afterwards and hung out with the band a little, while I searched for my beloved touque that got knocked off my head on the very last crowd-surf… as I’m typing this I feel like I’ve documented this exact scenario before, which is not surprising considering how many touques I lose. R.I.P. blue Element tuoque

P.S. If anyone is reading this and has been the Hard Luck Bar in the last week and found a ratty blue touque, give me a holla! haha.

Anyway, it was an absolute rad time, and definitely one of my top ten best shows that I’ve seen.  It was also our friend Nigels birthday weekend so it was cool that we all got to go out and see a great show.

So two days from then Nigel and I went back to the Hard Luck Bar and saw the equally rad, but a little less enjoyable ’emo’ band Dads.  They were sweet, but I didn’t really know their tunes as much so I didn’t have as good of a time at that show, but I picked up a 7″ of their new EP so I figured I would give em a better listen later on.  The vinyl is green 🙂

I actually ended up giving my download code of that EP to some girl that was trying to direct me and Nigel to a great poutine place that was open at midnight on a Sunday… turns out nothing is open at midnight on a Sunday, and I am now short one download code.

Good times.

Design Projects, Skate Expedition, Surfer Blood

Demon Dance

Surfer Blood

Heya folks!

I thought I would jump on here real quick and give a small update — but even my small updates usually turn into large ones, so we’ll see how this goes.

I finally picked the perfect theme for this blog! It’s super wide, so it’s easy to read AND I finally got my twitter feed and my instagram plugged in, so all my social media outlets are now whole.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So lately I have been working on a few projects for some friends of mine.  The first was a gig poster for an upcoming show.  The show is on July 5th, and my buddie Jake asked me like a month and a bit ago if I would like to work on it.  Obviously I jumped at the opportunity to work on something and to help a friend out… the only problem was I was in super lazy summer mode, and didn’t start working on it until pretty recently.  My brain basically became goo after school finished.  I felt super bad about neglecting the poster, and I was stressed about it for weeks.  Not to mention all my ideas sucked out loud.  My friend Nigel was helping me work on it for a while, but I dunno it was moving slowly, and again… goo brain.

So the poster was finished a couple days ago, and it didn’t turn out as bad as it had thought it would.  Every time I look at it it gets a little more tollerable.  It just has this childish and newbie designer look to it, but it’s flaw is also it’s strength.  I’ll post it on here a little later.  In the past day or so though I have been working on this t-shirt design for the same dudes, and I am so hyped for it.  It is basically done, save a few minor tweaks, and I think they are going to love the final product.  When I get super stoked about something I can work on it for hours and hours and it doesn’t feel like any time is passing.  I think it’s one of my favourite designs yet.  I’ll post that one on here as soon as it’s completed as well.

In other news, today — after I finished a huge portion of the t-shirt design — I went for an extremely long skate!  It seems I do all my writing after a good skate.  I think it’s because I get the most ‘inspired’.  I started out for a coffee — how all great adventures start — and then I just keep skating to see how far I could get.  I skated for a good four hours.

Those instagram pictures and tweets to your right are from that adventure! I recommend checking them out for a more in-depth documentation of the excursion!  Also follow my twitter and instagram for more random shizz… mostly my twitter though, because I am too much a wuss to post plentiful photos.

I skated all the way to the next city and around the border of my town all the way down to our waterfront and I ended up at Burlington‘s newly completed pier thingy… I just realized I spelt ‘pier’ wrong on my instagram post, haha.  DAMN.  Needless-to-say I am completely beat.  My legs aren’t functioning and I have to work at 8:00 am tomorrow.  I had fun, so it was worth it.

That little adventure has inspired me to want to skate further! I used to read this blog called Long Treks on Skate Decks, and these guys longboarded the entire west coast of South America! It was insane! They had crazy good video and it looked like a great adventure.  I want to do something similar.  I was thinking maybe I would make a skateboard design, grab a buddie, order some custom boards and make a long cross city skate expedition! It would across multiple cities, probably in the Niagara direction… I was thinking maybe along the Bruce Trail.  Anyway, I think about the details later.  I just thought it would be a fun thing to aim towards; a goal, if you will.

Um, oh yeah! I have a Band Recommendation for ya! They are called Surfer Blood and their new record is dynamite!! I freakin’ loved their first record titled Astrocoast, and Pythons may be even better.  There are a ton of great records that have just been released and are about to be released — examples being, Smith Westerns, City and Colour, Suuns, The Strokes, so maybe I’ll do a little album roundup to cover all the musical bases.

I had lots more to talk about (like rock climbing, a possible blogging job!! up-coming events and more) but this post was, as usual, far too long, so I’ll end it here!


Band/album Rec’ of the Day – The Cave Singers – Naomi

Hey there!

I don’t have too much time to write a post today, but I wanted to put something down.  I’ve been creating a folk playlist all morning and I’ve found a few new records from some great bands, and one of them was The Caver Singers, making them my Band of the Day.  I can’t find out exactly when they realsed the latest record titled Naomi, but it was definitely this year.  They signed to Jagjaguwar records for their last record No Witch (same label as Bon Iver, Dinosaur Jr, Julie Doiron, and other great artists.

They are coming through Toronto on June 17th, which happens to be the same day the Japandroids are coming, so I’m going to have a hard choice to make.  I’m leaning more towards Cave Singers at this point, because they’re playing at the Horseshoe… and I love the horseshoe.

I had a chance to see these guys play in Bristol, England, about two years ago and I had to pass up the opportunity  so it would be wicked to actually see them play.

They have a great raw folk sound, with all the twang and raspy vocals you could ever want.
So check them out, you wont be dissapointed.