Seeking Definition

Holy hell, the last time I posted on here was March 2nd 2015!! Man, even WordPress has a totally new (and improved?) user interface that I was completely unaware of. It’ so …blue. What do these buttons even do? YES, there’s a word count 🙂

Anyway, I was just reflecting on how I was telling Kat that I felt really good and thought I should document this occasion and update this blog thing. I used to blog all the time about why I felt good, or if I had an interesting thought or if I wanted to start some new routine in my life. I used to LIVE on this blog. Yep, we shared some good times this blog and I… I was actually just thinking recently that I might need to delete this thing and start fresh, it’s got a lot of history on it. It’s sad that I would debate clearing it out for professional continuity.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah; so today is Monday and it’s about 11:00pm. As a little update to my life, I’m in my third year of the Bachelor of Interaction Design program at Sheridan and it’s almost Internship time! We’re just finishing up this semester and I’ve had to make my portfolio website to shoot out to unsuspecting (potential) future employers. Partially why I’m writing this post is because I’ve had to reflect on how far I’ve come as a ‘designer’ and what kind of work I’ve loved, and also hated. In my Interaction Design portfolio there is a surprising lack of ‘interactive’ projects. Which leads me reflect on how I originally set out to be a Graphic Designer and somehow began coding, and making physical computing prototypes and user experience wireframes… it’s been weird, but I’m liking where I am.

AND that is why I’m writing this blog post today. I like where I am.

It’s a simple but powerful thing to be able to tell yourself. Not just professionally but personally, spiritually, or whatever. Liking where you are goes a long way to liking who you are and who you wanna be. Making my portfolio I got to see my life work in front of me and I like it. On the side I’m making my yearly playlist of best albums of 2015 currently, and I’m listening to great music and critiquing it’s relevance on the year. I’m confident about my new tattoo design (yes it’s vain but it’s these small personal things that you should appreciate). And most importantly I’ve been slapped in the face with the idea that I need to treat myself a little better and take care of myself, no matter how tough school/life gets. A few of these I would have never figured out if it wasn’t for Kat. She’s pretty solid at helping me squeeze the most out of life.

It’s reflecting on these things that help me feel defined. I think definition can bring out the best in people; I think it leads to growth. And man am I ever anxious to grow.

I think that’s all for now… 500 words. Bam.



Processing Typography II – Infamous Neon

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 4.35.44 PM

Little do-dad with Processing using Caligraft. Small tribute to Infamous Second Son.

Another older code reference that I had to do a little updating to get working with Processing 2.1.1. The code keeps running and ends up fading out the image to just show the type in it’s entirety.

I’m not going to post my code on this one but I will post the website for the older code and I can explain how to fix it if anyone wanted to know.




Film Festival Poster Design. 2013.

Won 2nd place in non-profit organization competition last year.

Won 2nd place in non-profit organization competition last year.

I’m trying to collect all the work that I’ve done on one blog to be archived properly, so this was a piece I did last year. I think I posted this on my last blog before the competition got judged that year… so here it is again.

Geez, I really feel like I’m just boasting now :/ Meh.  Feelin’ super crappy today, so I needed a self-imposed pick-me-up.  So here is some work that I actually enjoyed.

Look at me, updating all my social media outlets on a frequent basis.  Feeling kinda bummed at the whole human race thing, which means I’ll probably start writing a lot more… after I get over my temporary social media meltdown.

Getting a tad bit of anxiety from being so present online, so I’ma try and take a break for a few days, and maybe chip away at my mountain of homework.  (I just shuttered at the thought of my essay due in a few days.)  I have this problem where I can’t tackle any work until the day before it’s due.

I heard that was called unmotivated, young adult syndrome. Quite common these days. I can almost here future Jordan saying “Live up to your responsibilities; ya lazy F***”
We’re keeping this blog PG, kids.


Note to self: Eradicate the exclamation point and ‘lol’ from my vocabulary/punctuation.