Music Club.



We started this group called our Pub Pub Music Club at work. I think it was like ten of us getting together and painstakingly making a list of our top ten records of all time. Complete with favourite tracks and reasons why we chose them.

I had an exel sheet going with like sixty records on it. I narrowed it down to twenty and then finally ten. My honourable mentions are a few picks from my top twenty segment. I couldn’t help stylize a document around mine.

I used Pitchforks style for text arrangement, Helvetica Thin for body text and Lovela Thick for headings.

I wanted to add one last segment for favourite compilation records, but I thought other people might not have one, but I’d put Dark Was The Night in there, and I would have liked to put City & Colours Bring Me Your Love as well, but alas this is the final list!

Also perfectly placed, I have an assignment due tomorrow morning where I have to catalog my record collection! Fun times in music land.

Killer. I haven’t made a blog post in a while. I might post my record catalog results here, but then again… I’ll probably forget.



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