tuesday. jan 14. 2o14

chvrches. the bones of what you believe

it’s about 10:00a.m. on tuesday and I just finished my first philosophy of world religion class, I’m listening to neutral milk hotel’s random back catelog in preperation for the concert on the 19th, andd I have decided to stop using proper puncuation for this post. no capitals, in the right places. stop me if this gets annoying. i think i’m already annoyed… i have a lot to talk about so i’ll try and make it quick.  also to note a music recommendation/warning(?) at the end.

first to note; i am back in class and i’m havin’ a blast. my assignments include the following: developing an application (probably mobile) for a toronto music festival, creating a concept for a science-fiction user interface, creating a unuseless object that is more inconvenient then useful AND learning about jainism, buddhism and others.  initiate jealously.

in my philosophy class i think i’m the designated buddhism enthusiast, seeing as how i was the only one hyped about buddhism topics. i might have to crack open my buddhist books. but our prof is so wicked. in one class he referenced rage against the machine, explained he was one of the few jainist experts in north america, AND talked about his archaeological trip to the middle east to prove parts of the bible. beyond hyped and totally inspired. it almost makes the 8:00a.m. time worth it. almost.

in music related news, i saw Tokyo Police Club last friday and am seeing July Talk this Friday and as i mentioned before NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL on sunday. so far, my concert attendance this year is very acceptable. unluckily some other friends bought tickets for the NMH show for the following day. so as it stands so far i’ll be alone, which i am totally okay with, just kinda funny it worked out that way.

TANGENT:one topic i wanted to bring up was the idea of music videos.  recently i started to think about delving into electronica music to get a broader scope of what music can be, and i’ve started watching a few videos to get the visual aspect as well.  in my college program we use digital mediums to create works and art and other various projects, and some of that closely resembles concepts explored in electronica culture. so i wanted to bridge the gap and start maybe developing interactive art pieces using code (program called processing, open-source, in case you were wondering) directly inspired by electronica music. i mean, that’s why i’m in this college program, to explore new frontiers in art mediums… i’ve been watching a lot of battlestar galactica, so my heads kinda up in the air.

and i think that’s all i wanted to say. man i can talk a lot. makes me wondering if anyone ever, ever gets this far into my posts. and the answer is most likely not. so i can say anything i want. anything at all…your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries…

so with inspiration from my new interest here is some different music than what i’m used to.  band is called Chvrches, and they’re from scotland. i know, i know, it’s not true electronica.  but chill out, i’m easing into it. i had one of my friends who is really into electronica give me some recomendations, so i’ll get to those later. i was super tempted to put some Neutral Milk Hotel, or Real Estates new single but i’ve had this song stuck in my head, and it fits with my topic theme. so there.


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