December 20, 2013

Hello folks,

I wanted to make a quick update, talk about a few things and then finally post my list of favourite albums of this year.  If you just want some killer new tunes to check out just skip to the next post and find my list and eventually I’ll post a playlist that I made with one song from each band.  I usually do a small write up of each band in my top five… but I got lazy, so just wiki the bands instead, you’re on the computer anyway.

Here we are at last.  The end of 2013.  I have totally mixed feelings about this year.  Good times, bad times, you know I had my share… Led Zeppelin said it best.  So I already told you my New Years resolution, which I have explained ad nauseum that I think resolutions are dumb.  They mostly revolve around either going to the gym or finding someone to fall in love with… which isn’t even a resolution.  Pick something tangible, and attainable.  By all means shoot for goals but let’s not get carried away by attempting something you don’t actually want to do.

So with that said, my resolution is to stop being so self-righteous (Hm, I guess I’m already off to a bad start with that resolution point) and go to the pub less often… I can feel my brain cells physically dying.  The self-righteous thing comes from getting into arguments with friends that are usually pretty subjective.  I argue because I want them to see that my way is better than theirs.  Granted that is the point of most arguments but why do I get to judge people on their decisions and opinions while mine remain untouchable in my eyes? The answer is that I shouldn’t.  No one should.  We all judge but there’s no sense in pushing it in your friends face’s.

I’ve been trying for years to get those closest to me to listen to my music and understand my sub-culture.  I would love for them to read my blog and listen to my playlists and accept my opinions as their own; that’s one reason I like to write, is to get people to see my way and my thought process and change their minds about even the smallest of details, but sometimes that’s just not how it works. People like what they like and sometimes arguing only makes things worse.  Okay, now for my favourite albums of the year! *Flip to next post.


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