December 18th – 2013: Royal Canoe – Hold On To The Metal

Hello peoples,

It’s about noon on Wednesday the 18th, and I am finally finished the first semester of my new program! I’m giving the first record by Haim another listen because apparently it’s the new coolest thing… honestly I feel like I’m missing something because I don’t really get it. They sound like a more collective Florence Welch, but I know I didn’t ask for that, so I’m wondering who did.

Anyway, I just wanted to make an update on this blog because the last thing I posted was my very first website design and now looking back, it’s kinda lame.  That’s the best part about studying design, that even weeks later the piece you loved now seems insignificant.  Growth is absolute! As you can tell I’m in a fairly great mood; no snarky posts (Except for the Haim thing), no complaining on a large scale and no out-of-control-rants that I would indefinitely regret later on.

You should be happy, a few weeks ago when I was writing my final English paper (which I got a 90% on, not to toot my own horn or anything – I think I’m actually gonna post that paper on here because I think it’s pretty interesting) I was about to post a huge rant about “being greater than yourself” or something along those lines.  Sounds self-righteous to you? That’s because it was.  A good buddie of mine set me straight and I now see that I really did have my head up my own ass. Hopefully I’ll be better with that kind of thing, but alas, here we are.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Cut out the self-righteousness and stop spending every penny at the bar every weekend.

My first semester is done, and my stress level has all but depleted.  Had some good times, and some not so good times, but it’s over and I have three weeks off to do absolutely nothing.  I might play some video games (was thinking about picking up WoW again – I rolled a Paladin and I’ma melt some faces, but that’s a topic for… Geek Alert!)

Ah crap, I have a gig poster I have to do… whoops.  But other than that I’m just happy to have some free time.  Kim and I are heading to a Cage the Elephant show in Toronto tomorrow and I am beyond hyped! I finally get to see them play! I’ll be going early today to hang with a few friends and then she’ll meet me in Toronto and have the best time ever!

Shaping up to be a fine Christmas vacation.

Anyway, I think that’s all I want to say for now and hopefully I write a few more posts this break before the new semester starts and maybe I’ll explain my program and what it means to me, because people seem to have no idea what I’m studying.  OH! and I’ll be compiling my list of best albums of the year again this year, and posting a playlist with the favourite songs before my break is over! I also want to get some more of my art up here so stay, tuned(?) for that. And I think that’s it.

Later! Oh here’s a quick tune that I recommend.  They are called Royal Canoe and they are wicked interesting.  Also, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area listen to Indie88… all the time, they have so much great tunage and they just started about 7 weeks ago.  They play one tune by these guys called Exodus of the Year, but I’m posting my favourite called Hold On To The Metal.  Enjoy!


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