Film Festival Poster Design. 2013.

Won 2nd place in non-profit organization competition last year.

Won 2nd place in non-profit organization competition last year.

I’m trying to collect all the work that I’ve done on one blog to be archived properly, so this was a piece I did last year. I think I posted this on my last blog before the competition got judged that year… so here it is again.

Geez, I really feel like I’m just boasting now :/ Meh.  Feelin’ super crappy today, so I needed a self-imposed pick-me-up.  So here is some work that I actually enjoyed.

Look at me, updating all my social media outlets on a frequent basis.  Feeling kinda bummed at the whole human race thing, which means I’ll probably start writing a lot more… after I get over my temporary social media meltdown.

Getting a tad bit of anxiety from being so present online, so I’ma try and take a break for a few days, and maybe chip away at my mountain of homework.  (I just shuttered at the thought of my essay due in a few days.)  I have this problem where I can’t tackle any work until the day before it’s due.

I heard that was called unmotivated, young adult syndrome. Quite common these days. I can almost here future Jordan saying “Live up to your responsibilities; ya lazy F***”
We’re keeping this blog PG, kids.


Note to self: Eradicate the exclamation point and ‘lol’ from my vocabulary/punctuation.


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