Part 2. Locke and Key

Okay, so I was in Toronto a couple days ago and I went to the Silver Snail — the big comic book store down there! It’s sweet, but a) I can never find what I want quickly, and b) they are always sold out of stuff that I want! … I still love you Silver Snail — and I picked up the first volume of Locke and Key! Oh man, this is such a  great series.

If you follow comics at all you will most likely know about this series, and if you haven’t GET ON IT. It’s a horror/supernatural comic by writer Joe Hill — son of Steven and Tabitha King, and writer of Heart Shaped Box — and it’s gritty, and graphic and awesome! I don’t want to give anything away, but lets just say… keys are involved.  Read it. Love it. And if you’ve already read it, DON”T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME… Please.

Joe Hill does a great job of presenting his literary chops with great transitions between concepts and panels that gives the comic the suspense that makes it unsettlingly uncomfortable to find out where the Locke family is headed next.

Locke and Key Locke and Key 2

The characters that are the focus of the story are all kids, which plays into the theme of imagination and youth holding the keys for future change.  Pun intended.  Only the kids can see use the keys — as far as I know anyway — and once you get too old you forget about the power they hold.

I was really impressed with what Joe Hill accomplishes with the supernatural comic medium and am stoked to read the rest.

I think they are on the last volume of the series and then it’s finished.  I have heard that they might be making a movie adaptation though?  Anyway, good stuff.  Give it a read.


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