Part 1. Boston Manor

My poster design for the Boston Manor show.

My poster design for the Boston Manor show.

Hello fine, beautiful people. I had some spare time so I thought I would spread some propaganda concerning some great media I’ve been consuming in the past week or so.  I’ll be splitting this post into three parts, because I ended up writing a bunch about each topic and it will be easier to read in chunks!

It is about 8:30 pm and yesterday was both my mum’s birthday, and the big show at the Boston Manor in Burlington.  

If you live near Burlington Ontario and didn’t come to the show, you really missed out on some stellar local live music! There were five bands and I knew people out of each one of them.  It was an insane show! Everyone had a blast! There was so much energy and everyone was jumping and dancing and crowed surfing! I have never seen so much energy in a local show before and I’m stoked that it was all friends.

I saw so many people that I knew there. People from work, people from high school; new friends, old friends, parents! It was perfectly overwhelming.  I think every band played the best sets I have seen them play.  Big Lonely had both their shirts and EP’s ready to be sold at the show! Everything worked out. 

I brought Joanie and she got to meet a bunch of friends.  There is no chance she will remember even half the people I introduced her to, but at least they were introduced.

The pub was huge.  It was separated into three sections.  The bar (Which was substantial.  Although they didn’t have any tasty beers. I was hoping for Rolling Rock, but settled for Creemore Springs) the square, sunken in floor space infront of the stage, and the outer area where there were like seven pool tables.  It was a great venue to fit all of our friends under one roof enjoying each others company and sharing our creative endeavours, and drinking lots of beer. 

Man, there was even a dude dressed up in a giant bear costume!! And he was jumping around and going crazy all night, and it just added even more energy to the show.  

Everyone loved the t-shirts and poster, so I was ecstatic.   There were a bunch of people coming up to me throughout the night and telling me how much they liked them, and a few dudes even wanted me to do some designs for their bands! It was such a great night.

 I totally forgot to take any pictures because I was too busy with everything.  I hope this becomes an anual thing though.  I would love to collect everyone like this every year.



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