WordPress Migration and Toronto Adventures

So people of the internet, today marks a new era for this blog.  I have been using Blogger to host my writings and ramblings for about, yikes, four years now and reading some of my older posts things get a little (a lot) more embarrassing the farther you go back.  I was reading a poem I wrote two years ago and it’s a gramatical nightmare.  Some of the thoughts I had back then were border line crazy.  It really doesn’t even sound like me.  But alas the posts must stay where they are and must not be deleted… no matter how much I want to, because this blog serves as a time-capsule into my life and documents the thoughts and process I go through.

Today I shall be moving my blog over to WordPress.com.  No real reason, I just want a change and I will probably lose 99% of the visitors on this site because people won’t no how to find it and get lost, and take a wrong turn at Tumblr and just end up back onto Facebook instead of my wonderful blog containing my writings, but that’s a chance I am willing to take.

This blog had over 8000 views on it since the tracking system was implemented a few years ago, so I probably have more than that total.  Yes, most of them were probably advertisers, or bots… but they were my advertisers and bots and it will be sad to not see my fifty or so views everyday, but change is necessary in all things including my second home, this very blog.

All of my posts will remain here on blogger but I will only be updating my WordPress site from here on out at this address blanksaint.wordpress.com

So with that out of the way, I still do have one last post to write on Blogger.

So that ‘surprise’ I was talking about earlier was a surprise birthday party from one of our friends from our art program!  It was actually his very first birthday, because his family didn’t celebrate anything like that, which is fine… but come on, everyone needs a birthday! So some of us baked him a cake and bought cheesy party favours like sparklers and party hats and we basically just gave him a juvenile birthday party because a) it was funny and b) he’s never had a birthday!!

(Him and his buddy are actually going to Italy for a month or so with the school and he gets two credits!   It made me think of my travels through Europe and really made me want to go back, so I started looking through old photos and such.  I miss those travels.)

So we all got drunk and wondered the streets of Toronto and went to this pool hall/pub that me and Rory found I didn’t even run into one crazy Leafs fan! Overall it was a successful night and a great first birthday.

Okay so I have some big plans for my blog and I want to start developing some newer content, revolving around possibly video recording and a greater focus on specific content, so I will put an emphasis on my segments and try to add some Interactive elements through out the blog… also I’m playing around with a name change because The Young Cardinal is starting to get played out… and by starting to, I mean has been kinda lame for a while now.


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