Hi There – Summer of Fear

Summer of Fear

Hello WordPress peoples!  I thought I would take a few moments to introduce myself and my blog.

My name is Jordan Morrison and I am an Interactive Design student from Ontario Canada.  I have just moved this blog over from Blogger and will be posting all of my stuff here instead of there.

This blog will serve as a funnel for all of my rants and ramblings usually in the form of text posts.  I use my writings to clear my head and I have more fun doing that while sharing it with all of you.

I’ve been developing a series subheading titles to help separate my blog into smaller bit sized segments, because I have a particular problem with writing far too much than is neccessary.  My headings are going to be based around things that are most important in my life, such as writing, music, art, and video games/geek culture.

Daily Blog Post – My daily writings, usually stories of my day and the thoughts that I have.  I write exactly how I think.

Band Recommendation (Rec’) of the Day – I post a Soundcloud tune of an indie band and sometimes a tiny synopsis of the artist/band/album

Geek Alert! – Where I talk about my geek related life including video games, comics, books, movies and all the geek culture I consume.  I hope to add some game footage of indie games later on.  Examples would be games like Fez, Hotline Miami and even older ones like Braid and World of Goo

Shows and Times – A new segment where I will be posting concert listings from bands travelling though the Greater Toronto Area, because that’s where I live.

Coming Soon:  An Art related segment where I’ll be posting my designs and projects that I work on.  I’m trying to work on one Graphic Design poster every week to help develop my skills through the summer.

I’ve been trying my best to write a new post every day with a Band Recommendation at the bottom so I can share any bands or albums I find particularly engaging.

So that’s my blog in a nutshell.  A random collection my thoughts and adventures.  I’m new to WordPress… so go easy on me.

I’ll start ya off with my first segment on the shiny new WordPress site.

BAND REC’ OF THE DAY:  Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson He is a super cool indie rocker with a great bluesy voice from New York.  Got some Bob Dylan Vibes and almost Spoken Word rhythm to his stuff.  Check out Summer of Fear which was released in 2009.  He’s been on unofficial hiatus since then, so I hope he’s still kickin’ and we can all hope for a new album soon!



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