The National, Toronto Concert Listings, and Feedback Request

The National, Trouble Will Find Me

Okay quick post update before I leave for Toronto.

Just finished my first day at the new job at Terra (I don’t think I’ve explained what Terra is.  Terra is a basically just a greenhouse garden gallery type establishment where we sell trees and all sorts of greenery.  I work in the Nursery where we take care of all the trees and stuff like that)  and it was actually pretty sick.  I was sorting fruit trees all day and we sell this one tree the grows five different types of apples! I didn’t even know such a thing existed… which means it probably defies the laws of nature, but it’s awesome so I’ll forgive it.

I’ve only worked there for eight hours and I’ve already learned a load of information.  Plant is like a whole other language and it’s actually really interesting.  I didn’t even know plants had Latin names… I think I have a lot to learn.

But yeah, I’m feelin’ pretty good and I am hyped to see my Toronto school friends again! It’s been like a whole three weeks.

I can’t remember what else I wanted to talk about.  Oh, The National is playing a free show during NXNE in Toronto on June 14th at Young and Dundas Square, and I could not be more stoked about something than I am about this!!  They are coming out with a new record and they keep releasing tracks and their are unsurprisingly sick, and magnificent in every way.

I think I’m going to start posting concert listings on my blog along with, like my Band Recommendations or whatever because I am really good at tracking down tours and when bands are coming through Toronto.  So the listings will just be for bands passing through the Greater Toronto Area because that’s all that really matters to me and every band I follow eventually comes through Toronto at least once a year.

I think that would be a very productive addition to my blog here.  Usually I just check the Soundscape, or Rotate This websites (Toronto local record shops) because they have a pretty extensive list of upcoming shows in Toronto, but people seem to be even too lazy to check those sites.  So I’ll just collect concert listings from bands that I care about here for your convenience and then maybe I’ll get some more local/Canadian followers!

Not that I don’t care about my none Canadian reader(s) but I gotta show some love to the North. Anyway, that sounds like a great idea! And a new subheading called… Shows and Times or something like that will do the trick…. I love subheadings – I also think I’m misusing the term ‘subheading’ but I like it so I’ll keep using it.

If anyone has any suggestions to improve this kinda lame, but also insanely awesome blog that I write, I am all ears because my goal is just to write some cool stuff for people while adding my own personal voice to the internet.

I think I generally achieve that, but I have no idea who reads this thing if anyone even does, so some feedback would be useful.  If you have any suggestions for segments (subheadings) or if you want me to cover a topic with my limited but insightful voice… or if you think I should stop writing this blog because it’s polluting the internet, let me know,(actually don’t let me know if that’s the case.  Keep that stuff to yo self) I just wanna hear from ya!

My Band Recommendation for today is none other than The National! But just because I don’t post The National as my Band Rec of the Day everyday, doesn’t mean they always aren’t my first choice… because they are.  I would post them everyday if I could and I’ll most likely post them again.
So it goes.


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