Oh Geronimo

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a few friends and their band play for the first time in London.  They go by the name Oh Geronimo.  Ah, it was good times.  I love going to shows more than anything, and it makes it oh-so-sweeter when it’s your friends playing!

I always have the best time hanging with those dudes and it was wicked to finally see them play.  They’ve got the whole indie/folk thing going on and they know how to rock a harmony.

I literally woke up (with the grand-daddy of all hangovers mind you) with their track I’m The Ground playing in my head.  Super fun tune.

They even dedicated a cover of I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to me for seeing them play for the first time! (Well, Ciaran did) Haha, I was hyped.  The other bands that played were fun as well, but seriously, I just love live music so I would have dug anything.  But the last band, Language Arts had a super cute lead singer, and she told an awesome story about growing up in Nova Scotia (my dads homeland!) AND, after the show I was so stoked that I asked her for a hug, to which she graciously agreed.  It was the best hug.

Oh and the road trip up to London was as awesome as ever.  I love driving anywhere, and once you add some great tunes and good friend(s) it just spells summer.  The friend who drove up there was her second time on the highway and she neglected to inform me, until I was well out of the ‘dive roll out of the car’ stage and into the ‘hold on for dear life’ stage.  But we arrived very much alive and it was a great adventure.  And she got there a hell of a lot faster than I ever do.

After the show we lit a campfire back at Irving Place (I was pretty drunk at this point) and I just went on and on about Quentin Tarantino movies and Oasis – pretty accurate summary of something Drunk Jordan would talk about.

Kelly woke me up at like 9:00am because I had to work at 1:00 in the pm and London is about two and a half hours away, if I’m driving, and about an hour and forty-five minutes if Kelly is driving – so I’m stoked I didn’t drive.  And with her kind heart fought through the massive hangover we all shared in order to make sure I didn’t lose my job.  What a gem.

Good memories, and a fantastic start to the summer.

So you could have probably have guess that my Band/Album Recommendation for today is…. Oh Geronimo!

Now go check them out or I’ll hunt you down a gut you like a fish!  (I wrote that threat to myself in a note on my phone to remember to write this post today, or I would hunt myself down and gut myself like a fish.)

Bandcamp link!  http://ohgeronimo.bandcamp.com/


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