Daily Blog Post

Whew!  I’m telling you right now, my day does not start until I go for my skate/coffee.  I feel so much better than I did an hour ago.

I was about to sit down and write my post and I just felt shitty, and I’m glad I waited until after my skate because it would have been a lame, probably boring post.  But have no fear, I have been awakened.

Just to make a quick note, I have lost all my ability to do any tricks on my board.  Now I know every season everyone who doesn’t skate through the winter has to basically relearn everything from the previous summer, but I am horrendous.  I started longboarding about two years ago because I was sick of the expectation that goes along with skateboarding.  If you’re not amazing people think you shouldn’t even be on a board, and that you’re a ‘poser’ or something of that nature.  I hate that.  I’ll support anyone who rides a board good or bad.

I brought my board to Toronto the other day to bring my buddy my camera so he could finish his assignment, and he was telling me about these dudes at the University of Toronto and how they were just skating out front and were terrible, and he was basically putting them down.  I know when someone has a board and they’re just carrying it people think it’s just them trying to be cool, or it’s just an accessory or something, but like,  I see it as just a mode of transportation.  That’s pretty much what I use my board for now, because I hated getting the shit kicked out of my by the pavement.  And that’s why I started longboarding because I just liked to cruise, but why can’t I do that with skateboard?  Why do I have to prove to everyone that I can do tricks in order to own and ride a skateboard.  I just think the expectations shouldn’t even be there in the first place.  It just grinds my gears, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, all I’m saying is I don’t plan on trying to prove myself as someone who is awesome at skateboarding just so I can enjoy skating around my neighbourhood and using it as a mode of transportation.

In Europe a huge population of people in major cities use Scooters for shit sakes.  Freakin’ Razor Scooters.  Business people walk around with a folded Scooter and then unfold it when they need to transport themselves quickly.  That’s the world I wanna live in.  Where the silliest mode of transportation on earth is widely used because it’s convient; and they aren’t even judged for it! Well, except for foreign people like myself who was astounded by business dudes riding a freaking Scooter downtown.

So stop judging people who skate no matter what the purpose of them riding a board!

And that’s how a quick note/tangent suddenly turns into my full daily blog post.

These dudes are coming out with a new album on May 7th.  I can’t find any of their new tracks on Soundcloud (Because it hasen’t been released yet)  but here is the Pitchfork link where a few tracks are availbiel to listen to.  But here is one of my favourite tracks on their last record Halcyon Digest.  http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/15231-monomania/



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