Daily Blog Post, New Subheadings, and Record Stores


(I have a few new subheadings to help divide my blog into different segments to help readers skip stuff they don’t wanna read or just a good idea of where my ramblings are heading.  DAILY BLOG POSTGEEK ALERT, and BAND RECOMMENDATION… I’ll explain more later, but it’s pretty self explanatory.  I’ll be making an Art related section later.)

Okay it is about 2:00 in the pm and I am about to leave for Toronto.  I told one of my friends from school last week that I would bring him my DSLR so he could finish one of his assignments for a class, and I totally forgot until he messaged me yesterday.

I live in a suburb of Toronto so it takes me about 45 minutes to get downtown, and that’s where I went to school… everyday… for a year.  Call me crazy.  I dare you.

But I love Toronto so I revel at the opportunity to roam the streets.  I think I might bring my board today and maybe skate around a little.  I wanna take a trip to Queen street.

Last year when I didn’t go to school in Toronto I would love to visit the city as a tourist and I would always gravitate to Queen street because that’s where all the good times reside.  So I’ll be heading there shortly but I thought I would update my blog before I do.

My brother is about to graduate high school and he needed to get fitted for a tuxedo so we went to the TipTopTailers (worst alliteration ever) to check some out.  While we were at the mall I decided to visit my previously favourite shop, Sunrise Records.  I say previously because I haven’t been there in sometime due to it’s location and the association I have with it – I don’t feel like spelling that story out.  But I haven’t been in there for a while to buy any records and I forgot how much I loved record shopping.

I have made it my new goal to work at a record store no matter what the cost!  That is exactly the part-time job I need before I start my ‘career’ – hopefully in about four years time.  I can totally see myself loving that job.  I’ve applied a couple times but I guess it wasn’t the right time, but I determined to actually get it this year!  Probably not over the summer because all the College students have probably nabbed that one up real quick.  So for now I’ll stick with Terra and Canadian Tire… this might very well be a sad summer.  I have some plans for making it better though.  We’ll see how these pan out.

I think that’s all I want to talk about for now…. except for my new subheading called GEEK ALERT:  Where I will be expelling my need to talk about my geek related life, and I’ll alert you incase you have no idea what I’m talking about so you can just skip it or something.

Unless no one reads this in the first place in which case it doesn’t matter anyways!  Let’s give it a go.

GEEK ALERT:  Okay, so I bought the Walking Dead game by Telltale like five months ago, and I am so slow at playing it because it is episodic and I can take a break whenever I complete an episode.  I almost got to the end of Episode Three last night and good lord that game is tense.  I’m not sure who wrote this game but holy shit I am blown away.  I couldn’t for the life of me think of why it won Game of the Year in 2012 but I am starting to see why.  Hardly any gameplay, but this is without a doubt one of the best video games I have ever played.  Obviously old news to anyone who follows video games, but I just wanted to give my opinion on it.  Also Clementine and Lee, two of the best characters in media ever.

BAND RECOMMENDATION: Check out Generationals! Insane.


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