"This Must Be It, Welcome To The New Year"

I think every new year should start off with some Motion City lyrics, agree?

So it’s 2013 and things have already exploded in both great and unexpectedly lame ways.  I won’t be going into certain specifics, because ya don’t need to know, so stop being nosey!

But I will say that I’m not broken and it’s nothing that the people closest to me and myself can’t handle.  Which leads me to my New Years resolution.

I am pretty certain that I’ve talked about this topic on this blog before, but I generally don’t believe in new years resolutions.  Most of them are unattainable and unrealistic.  But mine was made before the new year and it’s something that is really important to me, that I have lost sight of.

My new years resolution is to be a better friend, and to be better to my friends.  I’ve talked to most of them and they all said that I’ve haven’t been a bad friend, which is mostly true, but I just haven’t been thinking about them and how important they are to me.  Friends are everything.  I’ve been pouring so much into one person that I forgot they even existed.  So my resolution is to recognize the important people in my life that help me shape who I am through the encounters and the experiences that we have.  Yup, sounds kinda mushy and heart felt but it’s true!

Also, what the crap?! Apparently Ben Gibbard released a bran spankin new solo record in October and I didn’t hear a peep about it!  I heard about it off of CBC Radio 2 (my new favourite radio station and possibly my favourite thing on this planet.  Fantastic canadian and often indie music, no commercials, interesting stories and informative CBC news updates! What more could you as for?) this afternoon and instantly downloaded… and possibly ripped it onto a cd so I can listen to it in my car… don’t tell Gibbard I did that?  I feel like he might be offended, but then again, I think the world has been forced to accept the illegal distribution of music by now, right?

Anyway, this is more than I could ever want from a record.  I’ve only listened to it once through and it has taken the top place on my favourite records of last year… so if you want you can regigger my list from a previous post to incorporate this record; or don’t, I have no preference.

ALSO, I just went out and bought a book called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and I am super hyped to read it.  I unfortunately don’t go to University or take analytic english courses, like some of my friends, so I don’t have access to discussions on interesting books, but this one has been brought up in a few conversations with my friends, so I decided to pick it up.

It is apparently the inspiration behind the 1982 classic movie Blade Runner which I didn’t love but the themes were really great.  The book is a science fiction set in the year 2021 and is about a bounty hunter named Rick Deckard whose job is to ‘take out’ rogue androids who are then forced to fight back.  It sounds amazing, and something I would really love.  I might write a tiny review of it and maybe some thoughts later on.

And I think that’s all I wanted to talk about.  My last semester starts next week, and I stoked to start my classes.  I am especially stoked for Foundation Drawing II, which is all life drawing.  So models will come in and we have to document their anatomy!  I’m planning on making an entire wall in my room covered in these drawings, if they turn out well of course.

Ben Gibbard – Teardrop Windows


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