Cults – Go Outside

I went on a lone adventure the other day.  I grabbed my skateboard and just started cruising.  I spend way too much time inside the house trying to think of things to do.  Things that I can find to entertain myself.  I’m always looking to make the most out of my time and find endeavors that I consider productive, and accomplish them.  The ironic thing is that the deeds I consider worthy of my time do not give me the satisfaction that I’m often looking for.  I spent most of my free time playing video games or watching movies.  When really just going outside and buying a can of Iced tea and skating around town for a few hours makes me feel so much more accomplished.  And, I think it’s because we spend so much time trying to fill in the gaps in our day, cramming every last activity into it as possible.  We need to be constantly obtaining information, or indulging in entertainment that we don’t take enough time to do nothing at all.  And I don’t mean nothing as in passively watching T.V or a movie but literally sitting outside and like smoking a cigarette or sitting on a lawn chair and just soaking in everything that happens in our day.  And sometimes I think nothing really is something.

I don’t go to church very often, but the one of the few times I went I remember someone talking about setting aside time for reflection and prayer as being so important in keeping a balance in your life.  And it’s the same thing in Buddhism as well, in meditation.  Literally stopping the rush and the lust for constantly being on the move and just doing nothing.  For some reason I gravitated to the idea of doing less, and getting more out of it.  I gravitated towards the idea of cutting off connections and developments and the need to always be doing something and just letting myself breathe.  I feel like I don’t breathe as much as I should.

So the other day, after I grabbed my can of Arizona Iced tea, I headed down to this ravine I know of that is surrounded by trees and is quite secluded  and sat down in this mini gorge, and just threw rocks into the water for an hour or so.  I watched a few birds taking baths in the water.  One of which was a Cardinal!  And I really didn’t do anything at all.  But I loved every minute of it, and it made me feel like I had really done something.  Like I had accomplished something in my day.  I felt like I really started grasping the fact that less can be so much more, as long as you look at in the right perspective.

So in the fine, prophetic words of the indie-pop band Cults, just Go Outside.


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