More Lessons From an Adolescent


“Haldo internet, it’s been a little while!

Man, where to I even begin. 
The date is May 27th and its about 12:30pm Scotland time, and I am sprawled out on the floor beside our bed where Alyssa is sound asleep.  I, myself, haven’t been able to sleep properly the last couple of days and have just stayed up and thought about things, mostly what I am going to do when I get home.  We have been traveling for almost two months now, and so far it’s been quite the ride, and yes in-fact, I have discovered a few things out for myself, thanks for asking.  And yes I feel as though I really did not need to travel half-way across the world, spend every penny I owned, flew on FAR too many planes, eat WAY too much ‘kebap’ to figure out what I did.  But lets get one thing out of the way here;  I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world.”

I wrote that about three weeks ago.  Since then a few things have changed.  The biggest one being that I have finally returned home and our globetrotting adventure has come to a close.  I wanted to start my returning blog post with that paragraph because A) I slacked really hard on blogging while I was away and felt I needed more in-the-moment writing posted, and B) I wanted to comment on my thoughts only three weeks ago.

It’s funny to think, that one week ago we were still in Switzerland staying with Alyssa’s family, and now here I am back at my laptop scribbling words into the internet.  I feel like an entire lifetime has passed, and at the same time only a few seconds.  I said before that I didn’t need to travel to Europe to discover what I did, and I don’t think that’s entirely true at this point.  There’s no way I would have to learned to love the country I live in and the people who inhabit and the language that we speak if I didn’t get out of it.  Until this point I had barely left my country, and to really discover what you love I truly believe you need to overstep your boundaries and leap out of your comfort zone.  And that’s exactly what we did.

The biggest thing we got out of this adventure was a brand new perspective, and sometimes that’s all you really need.  A new way of looking at something familiar.  I learned what I already knew.  As pointless as that sounds, I am ecstatic to be able to say it.  I really just needed to be able to accept myself as a geek/pop culture enthusiast.  I can prove that by saying what helped me learn this last lesson was actually a character from a T.V show, among other things of course.  But watching this character be totally cool with being a lovable geek was a big part of helping me look at myself a bit differently.  Sad? Maybe, but we all have different ways of learning all the same lessons.

One thing is still for certain though.  I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world.

P.S  I want to write more on our travels but there is SO much to cover, its hard to do all at once.  So don’t let me forget!


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