The Bank of Imaginary Money, (that we don’t have).

It is 1:20pm on Monday and we just checked back into our hostel in Athens Greece.  I say back into because today we were supposed to be on the 10:20am flight to Rome… and we both slept in a little too late and missed it.  We reached the airport, was told of our situation, laughed it off and bought a new ticket for tomorrow.  They definitely told us this would be an adventure.

So today we are just having a lazy day of catching up on emails, reading my new comic Death Note (that I received from the Athens comic con, Comicdom.  Alyssa really didn’t want to go but she eventually gave in. So much fun.  I will definitely be trying to get to more comic cons back home), planning for our next destinations and reworking our budget – which we have been slightly terrible about sticking to.  I say slightly because we’re not dead yet, but our pool of money is draining and is being exchanged for food, transportation and water.  Because apparently water in countries other than ones you are used to, isn’t healthy to drink on the road.  Who knew?

We have been on the road for about twelve days now, and so far it has been quite the experience.  My favourite thing so far has been, not seeing all of the great sights – although they have been amazing! Especially the Parthenon and Greek ruins which we saw the other day -, but learning how to adapt to the situations that present themselves.  Case in point, missing an international flight to Rome, just brushing it off and moving on.  No point in crying over spilt Coca-cola, right?

I think my favourite part about traveling will be taking all of these moments and thoughts and realizations and directing them towards our own lives and learning more about who the hell we really are.  I kinda feel like I know where I fit now.  At least I think I know.  Hopefully I will come to a solid conclusion at the conclusion of our journey.  Ask me then, where I think I fit in my life and I will be able to tell you.  The more things you experience the more you realize what you really care about and what you don’t.

I wish I could upload some pictures, but I don’t have the technology at these hostels!  Meh, maybe some other time and definitely when we return home.  But we are safe and sound, in case you were worried.

P.S  If you ever travel to a Greek Island, make sure you aren’t to stubborn to wear sunscreen… I feel like a slightly tanned lobster.


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