No Expectations, and No Regrets.

Rough Map of Our Trip.

This may be my last post for some time on account of our departure tomorrow afternoon.  These have been some of the busiest and most nerve wracking days of my life, but the day has almost arrived.  Packing and re-packing, planning, parents yelling at you to not forget to do anything.  Who knew that this would be such a massive undertaking?  Okay, maybe loads of people, but I guess I didn’t weigh all of the time and effort that goes into something like this.  My first thought was “Hey, I think it would be sweet to go backpacking along with Alyssa and Hannah!”  I didn’t realize all of the work that really goes into that thought.  And when it turned into just me and Alyssa things got even more personal, in the best kind of way.  We are going to be living out of a backpack for 75 days.  That’s fucking crazy.  The taste of the nomad life is within my grasp! Now I can find out if that’s really something worth living my life for.

We are staying in ten countries and eleven-twelve cities (depending on a few factors).  Our main source of transportation overseas will be the Euro-Rail and we’re flying to Istanbul Turkey first, with stops in New York and Geneva on the way.  I am so stoked, but to be honest I just don’t know what to expect.  After all of this preparing, I am still no closer to feeling that I am completely ready to take this step.  I’m trying to imagine what it’s going to be like.  Seeing new people, new places, experiencing brand new things.  I mean how many new things can one person possibly encounter?  I don’t know whether I will conquer my fear of heights while I am there, or find new fears.  Maybe I will learn to love parties and even people in general and not be worried about random things.  I might realize that my naturalistic side overshadows my technological side and that I really do care about our planet.  But none of those specifics really matter.  What matters is that my beliefs stay in tact and that I never have regrets.

I have a white board above my computer desk, and whatever the dominate thoughts that appear in my head are get spread across the board.  It helps me to visualize what I am thinking.  I am most definitely a visual person.  Anyway, on that board I have had a tag that says “Europe goals” for about a month now.  And all it says beside it is “Survive, and no expectations”.  That still holds true.  No matter what happens there as long I am learning a few things I never known before, and am open to new experiences and I come back alive I will be completely satisfied with our journey.

Through trains, planes and hostels.  Buses, cabs and our own two feet, we’re off.  With no expectations, and no regrets.  So farewell for now and I will hopefully see you on the other side!
Sincerely, Jordan. (I was thinking of using my middle name, Chuck, from now on.  Not sure if that’s a sound idea or not yet.)

P.S On second thought, I don’t think it would be too difficult to keep an update of our travels on here.  Maybe a few short posts and a photo or two at internet cafes when I get the chance.  I honestly think I would miss the internet too much!


2 thoughts on “No Expectations, and No Regrets.

  1. Hey! I've been reading your blog for a few months now and find inspiration in your desire to change yourself to be a better person. I think it's amazing that your seizing the day and taking this trip of a life time. I'll defenatley be eagerly waiting for updates! Bon voyage !

  2. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me knowing that I can inspire you. I think inspiration is so important, and that's one reason I'm traveling, so its great to hear that you can read what I write and become inspired by me just being who I am, and to find it interesting enough to read :P. Anyway, thanks again! I shall always keep writing for people like your wonderful self 🙂

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