"I Awoke, Only to Find My Lungs Empty"

City and Colour, Bring Me Your Love Vinyl

Hello there!

So it has been a little while since I have written anything, but it is 1:22am on Monday morning and I found myself unable to sleep.  With the start of the new week looming just over the sunrise I just could not bring myself to close my eyes and drift into a slumber.  Working this much really makes you appreciate each and every second of freedom.  I do not have a whole lot to talk about but I needed to write something, anything, down because its a routine that just needs to be followed.  What kind of writer doesn’t write, honestly?

Since I’ve last posted I have actually chosen a college to attend to in the fall.  I braced myself for the impact of pressing the orange icon flashing “Accept Offer” unlocking the next stage of my life, and took the plunge!  Surprisingly no streamers came down on top of my head, no trumpets were blaring in my ear playing  the Auld Lang Syne song, (don’t ask me why I assumed the New Years celebration song would play when I hit the button) and it was all a little anticlimactic but such a big decision, but the deed was in fact done.  So now I am officially enrolled in the Journalism Print program at my local College.  And I am on my way to being some kind of writer…
I don’t know whether I am more frightened for the world, who just may have to read my words, or myself for producing said writings.  Either way I am pretty stoked.

Oh, and I just picked up City and Colour’s Bring Me Your Love on vinyl today at the nearest Sunrise Records – felt that was exciting enough to announce.  That album still gets me right where it counts.  Anyway, it just got released on vinyl recently, so if you happen to stumble across this post, first of all thank you for reading, and second, go pick up this record if you haven’t already!  It hit in 2008 and is still one of the best records my ears have ever been exposed to.

P.S, if by some shear happenstance that you read my blog before my wonderful girlfriend Alyssa’s be sure to check her’s out!  She’s gonna hate me for plugging, but I figured,
Hey, no one really reads mine anyway so it’s no big deal right?  Also if you do read this, don’t think you need be too much of a jerk to not send me an email or comment or something…
Kidding, but seriously we can just shoot the shit or I can bore you with random geek facts, I have a ton of those.  It gets a wee lonely on the internet so it’s nice to hear from folks every now and again. So do it!
No pressure though.

Alyssa’s blog —>  http://windowtalk.blogspot.com/



3 thoughts on “"I Awoke, Only to Find My Lungs Empty"

  1. Aha ok, I have been reading your blog since about October and I always look forward to finding a new post from you. I love your taste in music and your out look on life. Wish you much luck in college!

  2. Haha, woah, thank you for being you! I would like to extend a big internet high five, should you choose to accept it, because that definitely made my week, haha. But seriously though, thanks for reading and even taking the time to send me a message, I super appreciate it. It's a weird thing to just shoot words out into the air and even weirder to know that someone can watch them fly by. As for the out look, I just try to keep it positive! haha.And a massive thanks for the luck, cuz I know I'm gonna need that one!Hopefully talk to you later!

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