"I’m Just A Kid, And My Life Is A Nightmare"

Spikey Hair Was Rad

I was just reminded at work today what the very first song that got me into music was.  “I’m Just A Kid” by Simple Plan.  I laughed so hard when I remembered that.  My buddy Jake said the title to that album when he was describing the first time he went paintballing.  He said that the first time he went paintballing he went with “no pads, just balls”, and then I added in, “No helmets either?”  Voila “No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls” the title of the very first Simple plan album.  We both got the reference so we had a good laugh… I guess it was one of those, you have to have been there, moments.

But yeah I remember the moment like it was yesterday.  Me and my dad were picking up my friend Alistair from Karate one day and that song came on the radio.  My eyes lit up like the Fourth of July – the American reference for fireworks works a lot better than, “lit up like Canada Day”.  Just doesn’t work – and I ran home and tried to find the song online, because the radio D.J didn’t announce the band after wards.  After hours of searching I finally found out that the band was called Simple Plan, and I was sold from then on in.  They were my favourite band for a crazy long time, and that song was the pinnacle of my existence for longer than I would care to admit.  After that, I started actively searching for more music and that is how I started becoming obsessed with listening to punk rock and later the kind of music I listen to now.

It’s just funny thinking about how things began.  And yes, Simple Plan is still great, and who doesn’t love the video for “I’m, Just A Kid”? Brings back memories of the 90’s.  When Tony Hawk was cool.

“I’m Just A Kid” music video


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