Indie Music Radar: Seabear

There are only a few bands that can make me happy by just hearing their name.  Seabear is one of them.  Seabear has been one of my favourite bands for a little while now.  I think I stumbled across them from a blog post a while back.  It was a mixed tape by Hearts in Clouds.  I downloaded his mixed tape and I listened to every track on it.  It had a really good variety of songs, both catchy and ambient.  But the one that stood out to me the most was ‘I Sing I Swim’ by Seabear.  I must have listened to that song like twenty times a day.  It was soothing and warm.  It just played my heart strings like a concert violinist.  Needless-to-say I was hooked from then on.  I still haven’t gotten around to grabing both of their albums on vinyl.  Both of them are a must have for my tiny collection.

Seabear is an indie-folk band from Reykjavik Iceland.  Yes, the land of Sigur Ros.  Which by the way, I am still not a die-hard fan of, but I must say Alyssa is really pushing for me to like them more than I do.  They are an amazing band, but I dunno, there’s just something about em that doesn’t sit very well with me.  It may just be the echo’y vocals.  Woah! Hang on! Don’t come at me with pitchforks and torches, just yet!  I know someday Sigur Ros will grow on me, just not today… not today.  Okay back to Seabear, a fantastic Icelandic Band.

Unlike Sigur Ros, Seabear’s vocals are in english, making them even more enjoyable… than Sigur Ros.  Okay, I’ll stop.  I mean you really cannot compare the two bands anyways.  Completely different styles and moods.  Moving on.  Their first LP titled, The Ghost That Carried Us Away was released in 2007.  The first album recorded under the title of Seabear was much different, when it was a one man project by Sindri Már Sigfússon – the lead of Seabear now-  called I’m Me On Sundays.  For obvious reasons I don’t really consider it the Seabear that I know and love today, but a totally different sound and direction.

The Ghost That Carried Us Away is a fantastic record filled with melodic tunes that make you feel like nothing else matters.  You get lost in the music that fills your head.  The first track ‘Good Morning Scarecrow’ is an instrumental that introduces the entirety of the album.  I am actually not a big fan of this for an opening track.  I feel its just a tad to pop’y and doesn’t set the proper tone for the rest of the album which is much more harmonic and in depth.  This is not to say that the record doesn’t have its fair share of stand-alone pop’y singles, because it does.  But its the connection between those catchy singles and the sounds that make whatever mood you are in melt away, that really defines the album.  The last few tracks are the ones that sew the seems of the songs together and make you happy to have been able to just share this experience with the artists that created it.  Lyrics like “I grab on hold to the spider’s neck and ride out of town Because I’m sick and the days are long” are the ones that help you get lost in the world that they created.

Their latest album We Built A Fire which came out this year is just not as good as The Ghost That Carried Us Away.  I have listened to it a billion times, and at first it didn’t really stand out to me.  By the time I get to end I just forget the whole album ever happened.  Which is definitely something you do not want in a record.  It is still a good record, its just not great.

Even thought their latest album isn’t the greatest, the first one really is!  It is definitely worth listening to at least one time, and then a few times over.  It just grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.  If you don’t get lost in this record then.. I dunno, you must have like a lack of taste in fantastic music… or really good compass or something.  Either or.  But, The Ghost That Carried Us Away is most definitely worth your time, and is a great addition to your collection of vinyl! And hey, if you were thinking of buying it for me as well while you are surfing the interwebs, you know where to reach me.  I’ll just be right here.  Waiting.  Patiently.


Link below to I Sing I Swim by Seabear.


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