Metric…Wednesday? The Wooden Sky/Yukon Blonde

Okay so, here we are.  It’s Wednesday, and I purposely postponed my Metric Monday, for a very specific  reason. And did not just forget about it!  Last night a few of us went out to big bad Hamilton – which by the way is wrongfully perceived.  Hamilton is really great, and is filled with good people to boot.  And, no, I did not post a picture yesterday.  Mainly because we got home really late, and I got many pictures to post today! The reason we went to Hamilton was to see the Wooden Sky and Yukon Blonde live at a show.  And it was incredible!  Such a fun time.  Seriously if you have the opportunity to see these guys live, do it!  And they are still touring together, so here’s your chance! Go now!

Breakdown of show, after the break! Edit: Oh and more pictures!

So there we were, waiting in the Lobby at the Casbah, listening to stand up comedy before the show got under way.  The people start moving in, and getting in line.  Everyone forgets about the comic and gets up from their seats, as the comedian is still on stage, to get into to see the opening band.  I’m next in line.  I walk up, and the girl gives me the 19+ stamp on the old wrist!  So stoked.  It was totally the beard, I freakin’ know it!  I bought myself a beer half way through just because I could, making my night even greater.  The other bands playing with the Wooden Sky and Yukon Blonde were, The Social Workers, and These United States.  The Social Workers were the opening band, and they were actually really good.  A bunch of youngsters from Ancaster, who kinda sounded like the National, as pointed out by Alyssa and Maria.  But I thought the dude had a kinda Jim Morrison thing going on as well.  And These United States who were from Kentucky, and were a bit to country feeling for my taste.  The slide guitar was a bit much.

I’m going to try and not talk about these bands running em into the ground, but I will seriously recommend them to anyone who just enjoys great live music.  They both have their own style and sound about them that makes them unique.  Yukon Blonde had a nice mixture of upbeat tunes, kinda with a punk twist – I felt anyway.  Feel free to disagree – and mellow, catchy garage tunes.  Like this is the kinda thing you just throw on your record player and hang out with some friends in your basement and jam out too.  Really something special.

Wooden sky brought the folk with them.  When we were on our way to the Casbah we were playing Wooden Sky in the car, and our friends dad thought that they sounded like a country band more than anything.  I personally disagree, but I guess that’s what folk music is, country without the twang and the southern accents.  They were up on the stage, which was only about a foot off the ground from where we were, and it just felt like we were listening to friends playing music that everyone loved.  It was really homey.  When they played it was like they wrote all of those songs for us, the people at that show.  It was this really cool sense of community, joining band to audience.  It really did feel like we all knew each other and we were all hanging out and enjoying really great music.  But the best part of the whole damn thing was after the show, they went out back, into a dark alley, and played a few acoustic songs with all of us who stuck around for a few minutes in the cold.  It was amazing. One of em had the banjo going, and they had the melodica going and the acoustic just brought everything and everyone even closer.  Like a big ol’ family of hipsters.  Classic.

But seriously, everyone I saw there, at least 98 % that had bough merch, bought Vinyl.  So funny.  Nobody I know buys Vinyl except hipsters.  Gotta love em.  I buy Vinyl, but I’m Hip, enough.

 I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.  It made my horrible work day today so worth it. We were out until like 2:00am and I had to work at 8:00am. Such a great night.  Anyway, like I said, these guys were incredible and I recommend them to anyone with a freakin’ heart and soul!

For anyone who actually has a heart and soul, they are playing in Toronto, this Saturday – November 6th, 2010 – with Yukon Blonde, at Lee’s Palace.  Look up the directions yourself and go to the damn show!  Ya won’t regret it.

P.S Stay tuned in the coming weeks for your regularly scheduled blog post, Metric Mondays… possibly.

P.S.S I am fairly certain these last two were takin’ by Alyssa!


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