Metric Mondays: Hey Rosetta!

I go through phases in music.  I flow from genre to genre.  There are so many types of music, and bands to listen to, you gotta keep checking out new sounds and moving around to different areas of music to hear the great stuff artists are producing these days.  I have been moving around in the folk-indie scene for some time now and I am really loving all of the music people in this genre create.  I really love how most of the bands in this area go beyond the traditional four-piece rock band set and add in instruments with more range, like violins, cellos, and even banjos (Mumford & Sons).  I feel these extra instruments, often known as classical instruments, add so much more depth to the sound.

Hey Rosetta! Have been one of my favourite bands to listen to in the indie-folk scene lately.  I even got to see them live here in my home town, even before I knew who they were.  They hail from St. Johns, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, and the more Canadian a great band is, the better.  They have come out with two albums so far, the last one called Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood).  This Album is great on so many levels.  The songs on it are so powerful by the time they get to the end, that its like being enveloped by a giant alien tractor beam.  They often start off slow, and somber with the string section of the cello and violin and then ramp up to a robust conclusion.  They are definitely light on the folk part but its still present, mainly focusing on the indie and many rock elements with underlying solo-esque guitar riffs and hardy vocals as the track discovers its climax.  These guys know how to write a song. 

So if you are looking for a new band to listen to with a slow but purposeful start, that develops into a powerful conclusion, check these guys out! They help give the folk-indie scene the great name it deserves.  Much better than any Lady Gaga, or Kesha have ever done for modern music!  They give our generation a horrible name, Oh and Jersey Shore, is not making it any better!  If you have any hope for our generation or modern music, spread great tunes around and help drown out that crap they call music, and listen to great bands like Hey Rosetta!

That is all.  Take care!


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