The Lost Tape: Time Capsule

So while I was making my epic list of summer goals I decided I wanted to make the best and most thought out mixed tape I that I would ever make.  I have made a decent amount of mixed tapes in the past and most of them take me quite a while because I need to get the perfect song list in the perfect order.  When I started out to make this tape I decided I wanted to put absolutely all of my favourite artists at the time on it.  As it turns out I have thirty-one favourite bands right now and I was determined to get them all down on this thing, so I split them into two playlists, a Side A and a Side B.

Now, after this thing was constructed I thought it was just too awesome to keep all to my lonesome on a blank CD that nobody could listen to, so I remembered a blog I read a little while ago called Hearts in Clouds, a really cool blog by a musician that has since stopped writing – to the best of my knowledge but the blog is no longer active.  But he used to make these mixed tapes of music that he uploaded to the internet, and that portrayed different moods, like one was called Grey Weather and was a little slower and, well, gray.  So I thought that I could take my favourite bands of this summer, in 2010 and put together my own little playlist and upload it to the internet as well, only mine would serve as a time capsule to my life and the music that I found interesting.  I bet in twenty years my music taste will be completely different, which would make finding this lost tape so much more entertaining.  So off I went.

With the idea that I wanted to take this playlist and upload it to the internet for me to remember and for all to download if they so choose, I set out to find appropriate software to meet these goals.  I found a few websites that have worked for me.  The first is called Mediafire.  This site is great for finding music that people upload, like entire albums of bands and most of the time you can find what you are looking for.  I use it frequently to download albums from the bands that I listen to.  So I signed up for an account – the free version – and I started uploading my playlists onto it, the only problem was, with the free version you could not make more than one file download-able all at once.  So like if I put ten files into a playlist I couldn’t download all ten files at one time, which is lame because it would be so much easier to just click on the playlist and download the whole thing for listening.

So off I went again to look for a solution.  I came across a program that combines multiple files into one file called MergeMP3.  So essentially I would take all fifteen tracks from the first playlist and combine them into one track.  Now this works in some ways and lacks in others because you wont know which band is which if you want to download the songs individually later.  But I figured that if I put a link to the single files, that you could download them one by one if you wanted to, it may be hard to find out which song on the combined playlist goes with which band, but if you really want to get the track, I dunno, let me know or something. 

With the combined track, I intended it to be just an easier access to the playlist, I mean you can listen to the thing once through and hear some great music, you might not know who it is done by but as long as you enjoy listening to the thing once its all good by me. 

So this playlist is, pretty much, all of my favourite bands all in one place with a favourite song from each. The genre reaches from Indie, to Baroque rock, to Punk, to just plain old Rock so I think their is something for anyone to at least find interesting in there and again this is just the first half.

Song List:
1. American Slang – The Gaslight Anthem
2. Our Mouths Were Wet – Oh no! Oh my!
3. Return The Favour – The Hives
4. It’s all Gonna Break – Broken Social Scene
5. James Brown – Cage The Elephant
6. Four Winds – Bright Eyes
7. Favourite Colour – Tokyo Police Club
8. Taper Jean Girl – Kings of Leon
9. Satellite Mind – Metric
10. The First Days Of Spring – Noah and The Whale
11. Libraries – Seabear
12. In The Areoplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
13. Handshake The Gangster – Hey Rosetta!
14. Hysteric – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15. John Lennon – Arkells

Combined Playlist:  All tracks combined into one track.

Single Files Link: Each file is separate, but can only download one at a time.

Hearts in Clouds Blog: Great blog where I got the idea from.


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