Metric Mondays

And I know its not Monday.

So I have been thinking all week long about whether or not to make an entirely new blog in which I can scribble even more words on, like maybe one dedicated to just music, because I can talk about music all day long and I haven’t posted anything about the music that influences me on this here blog yet.  And I have also been contemplating making a Tumblr account at which I can just write wee bits of things that I want to talk about, because frankly I think I write far too much un-needed content and I need to learn how to just write the important stuff.  So after much consideration and thought, weighing the odds, drawing names out of hats, flipping coins, rolling dice…

I have decided to start posting about my musical ramblings on this blog, with a weekly deadline of Monday and I think I’ll just call it Metric Mondays after one of my favourite bands that starts with an M, Metric.  And, start a tumblr account and post different bits of music that I bump into and feel like talking about while still maintaining my personal posts and thoughts on here! 

Creating a new blog was one of my half-way-through-summer goals but I’ll explain that stupid thing later.  But for the tumblr account I will be posting things like movies I’m stoked about or new music that I stumble across, or video games that I am interested in. Kinda the pop culture side of me, you know, side A of my persona?  This blog will continue to be about the, newly founded, B side of my persona, surrounding the three things that are quite new to me but I feel need a hell of a lot more exploring, Photography, Journalism, and Traveling while adding a music portion. 

I am sick and tired of posting things on my Facebook status so whatever I would usually post on there will be thrown on to tumblr.  Facebook is just getting on my nerves, the whole public social media thing, I dunno, I think I just need a little more privacy.  So if you want to hear about a movie I am going to see or a new album I started to listen to, Tumblr is where you wanna be!  Other than that, keep it here.

Whew, that was a lot to explain.  More on my stupid Summer Goal list and my Musical Time Capsule project at a later date!

P.S I am still adding the writings from my Road Trip sporadically throughout time but I am just getting bored of posting those, so they will be dispersed throughout other posts.


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