The United States of America, Road Trip: Part 2

Okay so we are on day number two of the family road trip, and I am still writing about it.  Sometimes I just amaze myself.  But where are my manors, here let me sum up the trip so far: We drove in the car… and drove in the car… oh and drove in the car some more.  Took a few pictures, – one of a giant sign saying EAT. See we don’t have those in Canadia, therefore it interests me – ate some road food.  Really nothing interesting enough to write about but alas here I am, writing about it.

Shortly after I wrote my first entry in this, cursed, line less book I said to myself:

“Well, shit, writing without using lines is a horrible idea.  It’s the messiest collection of letters and words that I have ever seen, let alone written.  Why didn’t you just stick with what you do best and use the safe, secure, laptop?

I then Rebutted the debate with the following thoughts:

“Well, you see Jordan, its good to try different things and styles and the mistakes you make only solidify your learning experience and they help you to learn what not to do for next time.  An ancient proverb states that “experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want”.

Yet again the argument with myself continued.

“Even if this is true and I should appreciate the “experience” that I get from using pen and paper, – which by the way keeps jumping across the page with every crack in this damn road! – why didn’t I at least bring a suitable journal that included lines!”

Closing Statements:

“I agree.  You are a dumbass”.

So there you have it, first hand proof that I am clinically insane for having resorted to having conversations with myself.  This was my last option on this trip because my brother, who happens to be no more than a foot away, has recently made me mildly upset on account of my trying to punch him, failing miserably, and severely damaging my right thumb, making this entry a pain in my rear to write.  I will tell you one thing though, those steamy Appalachian Mountains – and man were they ever steaming! – were a great sight to behold, even if the rest of the trip consists of me staring at the yellow line painted on the cement and following it into the abyss… to infinity and beyond!

I miss neat, straight lines…


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