Closing Artist Statement.

I have written one last paper on the paintings that I have created in my very last year of art, in High School. I still love art and the process creating it so I will possibly be doing some projects on my own time, like finishing the mural of musical artists on the wall of my room. Something to keep my hands busy anyway. My last statement sums up my thoughts and how and why I did these painting. After this post I will go back to posting about my usual things, like questions on life and where my own life is heading. But before I wrote anymore I wanted to post all of the writings that I have done this year pertaining to art. First because I thought they were fairly well written but second, and most importantly, these writings and paintings are what has opened my mind to new ideas, and made me think a lot more about everything. These writings and paintings have made me realize that I cannot just sit idle and watch the events progress in life if i don’t agree with them. They have made me crave the knowledge of the world that we all inhabit, and wonder, and question everything that life is about and revolves around. Like in Buddhism, I feel as though I have been enlightened, by just merely thinking and turning those thoughts into words. But it seems I have a long way to go, because in Buddhism craving leads to suffering. I may have a long way to go, but I feel as though it has at least begun, and that is definitely a start. So here it is the last piece of the puzzle that has opened my thoughts and gave me a voice. It’s nothing special in terms of written accomplishment, but it was a very important paper for me.

Final Artist Statement.

My name is Jordan Morrison. What you are currently viewing is my collection of work that I have created over the course of this semester. The process of producing these studios was attempted a little differently, with the main emphasis being on the theme direction and development. My process begins with a story or idea about my driving theme, and then I turn those words, ideas, and stories into a visual picture. I’ve always felt more comfortable with creating words rather than visual pictures, so I tried to use that to my advantage. I make the words that come out of my piece the most powerful part of the studio. The medium I chose to work in this semester was something that is also a little different. I chose to use only Ink and Watercolour paper. I wanted a different look and feel to match my different opinions on what we, as people value. So the theme that was the driving force behind my pieces this year was Human Values, and what our generation values as important aspects of our lives.

I hope to live a different life for myself. One that, sadly, only a handful of people will want to experience. One that will allow me to travel into different worlds that make up our Earth, and show others what our connecting worlds are made up of. Hopefully I can accomplish this goal through writing. I chose to explore the theme of Human Values because that is what I am interested in. What people living in the society that we, in our developed world, inhabit value and how these values differ from peoples in much different worlds than our own. I’m not claiming to know what is out there in the world from personal experience, but I am trying to understand what is out there from the written works of others. From reading about people that do travel the world and those who attempt to draw it through their own eyes and share this knowledge with others, through their words. I hope to do this myself one day so I chose to base these studios on this knowledge and discovery.

With each of the three pieces I tried to focus on a different aspect, and a different technical design. The first piece focus’s on portraits, the second on landscapes and the third on Surrealism. I felt that each piece had their own ideas so they needed their own creative styles to go along with them. Each piece, that was developed over the course of this year, also had their own part to play in the overall theme and composition. I wanted to show a transition from one studio to the next. An idea with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I started with a question about modern Human Values, and asked why things like freedom of speech were lost in the shuffle of everyday life. I directed it towards people that stand up for what they believe in, or social activists because they really influence how, and why I think about what I do. Then I attempted to generate an idea towards ending stereotypes because I believe that they are heavily integrated into our society and they really don’t need to be. I explored the fact that consumerism is going to be apart of our culture no matter how we feel about it. We have needs and wants and they simply supply them, but I wanted to explore the possibilities of moving past it and physically moving into different worlds, therefore abolishing stereotypes. Once we truly see how people, existing in different societies than our own, experience life, we could move past stereotypes and focus on something more real, joining our worlds in purpose. But for the final piece, the surrealism piece, I directed my theme towards an answer. An answer to my questions and those of what we value as human beings. I focused on my biggest idea and tried to expand on what we could do to make the world we live in, radiate hope for our generation and make them want to discover the earths wonders before it is too late. I focused on my goal in life, to draw the world for other people to discover, but in this case I turned it into a literal sense with the hands of the people actually drawing the earth that is made up of someone else. Yes, the Earth is made up of land, and oceans and mountains but it is also made up of people, and that is where I took my inspiration from, the people who inhabit our Earth.

A lot of my inspiration this year was drawn from many sources that influence my own life. Things that just make me love the life I have, and the Earth that I live on, like music that lifts my spirits to new heights. I want to let others experience this same feeling because life is to short to spend negatively and without hope. If the world we live in can produce the hope we need to survive and to carry on happy, than shouldn’t we be trying our hardest to capture this feeling and hold on to it for as long as possible? If we draw the world for others to experience, then maybe, just maybe, our generation and those yet to come might appreciate it enough to want to take action, and save it.


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