The Art and How It Came To Be: Studio Number Three

Artist Reflection Number Three

My third and final piece was one that I thought long and hard about because I needed to get the feel of it just right. Most of the production time was spent on the planning stages and coming up with an idea that connected perfectly with my theme. I had a lot of ideas that needed to be summed up and nailed down. My first piece asked a question about who we value, my second piece gave an idea about what we value, and my latest presented an answer to how we value.

This piece focused on the surrealism style, not completely, but enough to realize something is no quite right, like the uneven number of drawing hands and the miscoloured moons. I wanted to focus on something “out there”, almost spacey and different to look at, at the same time as carrying on with my theme. I wanted people to get lost in this piece trying to figure out what’s really going on and what it means to human values. I’m not sure whether or not that goal was accomplished to it’s greatest extend but that’s what I tried at least. For most of it I again used the circular brush stroke technique, especially the background, for a certain purpose. I wanted the background to be directly related to my previous piece – the one with the train moving off in to the unknown. The misty, fog-like background is supposed to represent the very same fog that is unknown in that piece. But this time, focusing on an answer instead of a question. I played around with a lot of different ideas concerning the composition of the piece. What was in it, how many hands there were, surreal versus realistic. But I decided, in the end, to create the setting of my idea in the imagination itself. The thought that the setting is in the fog, and the fog represents the unknown, therefore the unknown could very well be ones imagination. I tried showing this through the coloured planets, like a science fiction setting with three moons and two suns instead of just one.

I drew a lot of inspiration from various sources that influence my own life for this particular piece. I titled it “Star Crossed World” after song lyrics from a band called The Killers from a track titled “Spaceman”. My inspiration was drawn from music that is spacey, distant and different from mainstream music. I felt it allowed me to create an equally distant idea for this painting. My main focus and idea for this piece revolved around writers, and bloggers, and journalists, and everyday people experiencing the world for what it is, Drawing the world and opening peoples eyes to it. I have a big problem with corporations and businesses and companies being the most available source of information accessible to the public, telling us what we should think of the world we live in. I wanted the focus to be on people with their own voices, people who aren’t discovering the world for money or fame, only the journey and the idea that everyone needs to know that they are trying to save, such as our planet earth, before they are willing to take action.

Before I start any piece that I try to tackle, I try to plan out each and every step along the way, from concept to design. At the beginning of this semester I used an idea web to find what ideas would work best with me. I came up with more ideas than I could use, so I had a lot of room to expand my theme to different heights. I started off with the idea to make each piece not connecting at all, with each one being a collage of different materials. I knew this idea wasn’t going to come to fruition when my first brush stroke hit the watercolour paper, when I decided that using just Ink was the way I wanted to go. But I still used the concept that there was a mixture of ideas in collage form, just without the various materials. This choice took a lot away from my overall scheme of this semester because after that piece I scraped the collage idea. So my last two paintings have a lot in common but my first has little relation to the rest. If I were to start again I would add one more piece to the end of my series of works and keep the first as a stand alone addition to the series.


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