The Art and How It Came To Be: Studio Number Two

For my second studio I wanted to focus on the idea of a landscape because I felt that the ink really reflected upon the scenery and the wide open view. I still wanted to carry on with my general theme and ask questions about humanity and the society that we live in, but just portray it differently and ask different questions. I have titled it “And so, the progress consumes.”

The main idea that surrounds my piece is the process of moving from consumerism, and commercials and what we are familiar with, towards places that are unknown to us. In turn, removing stereotypes of cultures and societies that we ourselves have not yet explored. I designed it so that the train literally moves the piece and your eye to the area that is unknown or foggy because that is what I think we as people need to do. The train is physically a large source of transportation that’s moves people and ideas across our world, seeing our beautiful earth along the way. I believe the train breaks people from the social bubbles that surround them and allows them to experience different variations of cultures and people. I began to think more critically about how we, as people, live and it showed through in my themes throughout this piece. I feel that we live here in our highly developed world day in and day out not moving forward as people. We only interact with people that seem the have to same goals as ourselves. Watching TV screens to experience new ways of life and looking at other cultures that do things completely different from a single perspective, a screen writers perspective and deciding right then and there that it is the wrong way to live. When in reality we really have no idea how other people really live unless we have physically experience their lives for ourselves. I very well may not be correct in these generalized accusations but they are what I based my second piece off of.

For the content design of the piece I really wanted to make the Ink look like watercolour and even almost like a comic book. So I used circular brush strokes and tried fading and blending colours and for the most part I think I pulled it off. Except for the blending of the red in the middle frame, I think that was a bit too vibrant and distracting. With the colour scheme I wanted the viewer to physically give the negative connotations to the first half of the piece with grey and cool colours and giving a cold, chilling feeling to it. I used the train – which I gave earthy tones of green – to make the transition from the cold to the warm colours. Once the train enters the piece I started fading out the cold colours and fading in the warm. I wanted to viewer to feel that moving from consumerism to the unknown was the best thing to do so I gave the second half warm, familiar colours so that they would physically enjoy the second half of the frames.

I am really happy with how this piece turned out in almost every way. I think the colour pallet I used really worked for the direction I was taking the piece in. I think the idea works with the landscape and the Ink. The only thing that I think I can work on and do better is the actual technique and using Ink to its fullest extent. The brush strokes kind of worked for the second half but they just didn’t satisfy me on the first half. If I could start again I would learn to paint with more fluidity.

For my last piece instead of focusing on asking questions about humanity, I want to give an answer to questions in a surreal manor.


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