The Art and How It Came To Be: Studio Number One

Okay, so over the course of a few days I will be posting the art that I have produced in my last semester of Grade 12. I really like how they turned out and I put a great deal of thought into the design and the concept of each of the pieces. So without further Adieu, I present to you, my three studios and each of their statements that followed.

PS. My first statement and piece are kind of lackluster in every department. So bear with me through the first one and on to the ones I actually enjoy 🙂

Artist Reflection, number one.

The title I chose to give my first studio is Only Silence Remains. I chose this title because I think it reflects the question I was trying to ask. The media I used was a combination of black ink and coloured inks, with various paint brushes and an ink pen for the portraits.

My theme for this first studio was the silencing of freedom of speech or the censorship of speech. I hold social activists in very high regards and respect the voices and the opinions that they possess. These voices ether speak for the people or a cause that they feel strongly about or even connected to in some way. They stand up for what they believe in, so I took the chance to honour them and ask why these greats voices speaking for the people needed to be silenced. My piece incorporated this theme by using the portraits of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and even John Lennon as voices that changed the way we think and voices that have been ended for speaking for what they believe in.

At first I decided that I was going to do this piece in mixed media, using many different styles that I thought would reflect that many messages that went along with it. But after experimenting with different materials I had chose to switch to using just ink. And I think that choice benefited my piece positively. I chose to make a variety of images that all connected together, which in turn connected the ideas that I was trying to portray. I placed the three portraits in the top left corner of the page because I felt it was the most important part of the piece. I wanted them to be the first thing you noticed and saw and, after you would connect the other images to the portraits. The main colour I chose was a shade of gold because of the fact that I do hold these people in such high regards, kind of like a tribute to them. Even though the question I ask and the message I try to send is of negative subject matter – killing great voices and opinions – I chose to make the piece brighter and more appealing to the eye, so that its not as intrusive.

For the most part I am happy with my choices and the way it turned out but there are a few changes I would like to make if I were to do it over again a second time. The biggest thing I would change is that I would add a few more images that I had in mind in my preliminary sketches that just didn’t make in onto the final studio. I felt that the entirety of the piece felt more or less empty and that wasn’t something that I had wanted to happen. It just turned out that way. I also really wanted more contributions from the portraits of both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, such as more connections to the rest of my images and ideas, like the Podium. I wanted each portrait to tell their own part of my message, like I had with John Lennon speaking about peace with the doves out of the megaphone. As I stands now its as if the other portraits are just not included in the entirety of the piece.

My next idea for studio #2 derives from the media and the affect it has on our everyday outlook on the rest of the world. Such as the stereotypes that surround us and everyone else. I want to incorporate traveling to dissolve these stereotypes as well, but I will need to play around with some more ideas.


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