Bloggin’ On a Rainy Day

It’s been raining a lot here lately. So much for the summer weather, and sunshine. I never feel like myself when the sky turns to gray. I feel like something is just not right, or like something is missing. My mood dampens and I have no energy to do the things that I would normally do, like longboard to school instead of walk.

I really don’t think I would survive in places like jolly old England, or even Ireland. I hear those places are particularly gloomy a lot of the time. I still want to check them out for myself though. Ireland is definitely on my list of places to visit, and experience for myself. But I think my first stop, once I grab a passport, some journalistic and some photographic experience, will be Southern Africa. That part of the world interests me a great deal. And besides Nelson Mandela is one person who influences my life a hell of a lot. I’m not out there in my high school foyer, presenting my ideas and opinions to the general public and standing up for what I believe is right in our society or anything like that, nothing that extreme. But more along the lines of his words inspiring me to do greater things in my own life. Social activists, in my opinion, are some of the most inspirational, and most influential voices to be heard.

There are so many places that I want to visit and become enveloped in their culture that its hard to know where to begin. But first comes research of the places that I am interested in. I am completely brand new to traveling, seeing as how I haven’t actually done it by myself, unless you count taking day trips, by train, to ether Toronto or another city close by. Which I personally count as little, small travel adventures. I’m horrible with the train schedule so I end up waiting at the train station for about an hour before the damn thing shows up!

I am going to start off a bit smaller though, and ease my way into long distance traveling over long periods of time. I’m thinking once I turn old enough to rent out a hotel – Geez, I’m young, I cant even legally pay for a room not owned by my parents! – I might traverse the country side, via train, and end up in Vancouver. I’ve always wanted to check that place out, and besides its far enough that I would actually need to plan and pack as if I were going someplace across the world. Yup, that sounds like a good plan to me. But of course I will have to plan a lot more, read a few Lonely Planet guide books, and see if I don’t change my mind randomly one day about traveling anywhere at all. But discovery of yourself and the world that you inhabit is something that everyone should shoot for. No sense in closing yourself in a social or even physical bubble and shutting your eyes to the rest of the world out of fear of it. Life is about risks! Says the guy who is afraid of heights and cant swim. If I’m more than 10 feet off the ground, I can consider it a bad day.

But my mind is easily changed about these kinds of things, I just do not have any sort of motivation what so ever. I guess I’ll have to work on that! Anyways, just had a few things on my mind, and thought I would share em.


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