The Grass is Always Greener

I like to take trips around my town from time to time. Not in a car, or bus or anything that moves remotely fast for that matter, just on ether my longboard or my bike. I travel around parts of the town that I don’t usually end up in, or even places that I just pass by in a car on my way to somewhere else, to another destination, or another objective. Well I like to take some time out of my week and travel just for the journey and have absolutely no destination, no objective and just, look around.

It feels so free to just travel for the sake of traveling, not being expected to accomplish anything at all. The point of not using a fast moving vehicle is that everything, and I mean everything, feels new and reborn once you ride or walk through them instead of past them. I discovered we have a High Society Club in our downtown area, which is located beside a Lawn Bowling Club so the high class can have a nice refreshing game of Lawn Bowling right after their society meeting. I would have never even imagined that anything along those lines existed in my town if I hadn’t strolled past that one time. I had drove past that street loads of times in a car or something, but you never notice subtle buildings or places, unless you take the time to just look around.

Then you start riding, and taking turns on streets that you have never even heard of, streets that you never even knew existed. People seem to be around every corner you turn and you may give a slight wave, or a gentle nod but then you are on your way again, exploring at such a slow pace that the entire world seems to be standing still, or non-existent. And you may even wind up at a place where you are often found – like your favourite grocery store – at the end of these previously undiscovered streets but then you just keep on strolling past and looking around and realizing that, everything looks different, as if they have been given a new coat of shine. I always feel better at the end of my little journeys, and that’s exactly what they are, little, tiny journeys. Journeys to nowhere at all. Once you erase the destination and constant need to be somewhere and to get to the next task, then you are truly free to take your time and to experience the world at a much slower pace.

Now, your town that you have maybe lived in your entire life has suddenly been seen in a whole new light. Life is way to short to be sprinting past it, I’m only 17 years old and even I know that life can change in the blink of an eye. From one lifestyle to the next. So slow down, take a break, and explore your town, and I mean really explore it. Don’t go driving past everything and say “Yup, I’ve seen it all” because you haven’t. Not until you have really sat down and smelled the grass and walked into random little shops that aren’t located on a map, and bought something that will not help you accomplish anything in your life, that you can say that you’ve explored your town and experienced the wonders and tranquility of traveling for the sake of traveling.


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