Torchlight Review

Okay so the latest game that I have played through and beaten was called torchlight, a simple Diablo 2 knock off, developed by Runic games and released in October 2009, which I picked up on the Steam store for the low, low price of ten smackeroones because it was on sale at the time. Whoops, guess I should have posted this a couple weeks ago, my bad. Anyways it is now back up to twenty bucks, still not a bad deal for this very fun, addictive game.

It is essentially a traditional dungeon crawler that has gotten the formula right, and on more than one occasion. Randomly generated dungeons, lots of loot to pick up, and all the boss battles you can get your greedy little hands on. It isn’t especially long, it took me about 9 hours of play time to get through the main story quest and a few others. But you can easily spend double that playing the different classes, completing side quests and changing up the difficulty – which I recommend because I found the normal difficulty to be far to easy.

There are three classes to choose from. The destroyer is a combination between a warrior and someone who can cast mild spells, the vanquisher is like the rogue, hunter mixture and the alchemist is the straight up mage, blower-uper dude. Also at the start of the game you get to chose ether a cat or dog companion that follows you throughout the game, holding loot, fighting and doing some other tricks.They all serve their purpose and are all equally fun to play. I personally played through the game as an alchemist but I dabbled in the other 2 classes as well.

The only problem I found with the classes is the “talent” system, which is almost identical to World of Warcrafts, might I add, but to a lesser degree. Each time you level up you get a talent point that you can spend on any of the three trees, the only problem is that you do not need a certain amount of points to reach a certain skill in a tree. What I mean by that is, say that you have reached level 20 and the top level skills are unlocked for each talent tree, you can just pick up all three of these talents, when you have spare points because you don’t need a certain number of talents in that tree to get a skill, you just need to be the appropriate level. Kinda confusing but the main point is that it’s to easy, and there aren’t consequences for going down a tree and realizing that you didn’t like the ones you picked, but I guess it keeps it fun. Okay moving on.

The graphics are gorgeous but not in the Gears of War 2 kinda way. More in the artsy pants, kind of feeling like Jak and Daxter, even Sly Cooper’y way, and the spell effects are fantastic.

The games setting takes place in the town called Torchlight, and the caverns that lie beneath it. Pretty much enter the mine to the left and continue down the many, many tunnels to reach the final level. Very simple but the design of the tunnels are vast and inventive. These caves descend into many different flavours of areas, ranging from from deep mines to jungles to molten lava prisons, simply brilliant. I loved each and every area I visited, while stomping fools and picking up loot of course.

All in all this game was just plain fun to play. You don’t have to think about a lot while playing, no puzzles to solve, no strategies to come up with. Just crawl through the randomly generated dungeons, put your game face on and kick some ass and you don’t even have to take names… if you really don’t want to.

Fantastic game, I’m giving it 4.5 outta 5 for style and shear good times!


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