Angels and Airwaves, LOVE

I just picked up Angels & Airwaves’s newst album LOVE, released on Valentines day of this year, and I am completely astonished by what comes out of my headphones when it begins to play. You could even say it’s almost mesmerizing. The design of this album feels like a continuing concept album, because each song cleverly bled into the next, creating fantastic fluidity. When I was listening to it a few times over, I compared it to the psychedelic sound of Dark Side of the Moon. I know that sounds kinda “out there”, and trust me it is, in every stretch of the phrase.

I can barely begin to describe just how they take your feelings and emotions and shift them into exactly what they had in mind. What a crazy concept, an album that is able to morph your thoughts and feelings, and not only through lyrics alone but a great combination of the “Space Rock” – that really describes the sound that they create – and the solemn voice of Tom DeLonge, that makes LOVE something really worth experiencing.

Don’t let the title Space Rock discourage you from their music like it did me, it sounds odd and out of place when you hear the title but when you listen to the music it almost rejuvenates you, and gives you hope in modern music. I wasn’t a really big fan of Angels & Airwaves until I heard this album, I just never gave their music a chance, that and I wasn’t introduced to them from Blink 182 because I wasn’t a big fan of them ether. Don’t get me wrong, I know how important they were to modern music – which isn’t saying a whole lot, but there is some really good stuff out there these days, ya just gotta search for it – but their sound was just not mature enough for me, writing lyrics about high school and things that don’t not mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of life. But that’s where the beauty of Angels & Airwaves comes into view. The great, groundbreaking voice of Tom DeLonge on the surface of a mature sound that feels whole and fully developed. Add in lyrics that make you think, that allow you just listen intently amongst the spacey backdrop of imagination, and you have yourself a complete package that really stands out among the many generic bands that try and accomplish the already accomplished. I love the bands that I listen to for a reason, some are catchy, some allow me to think clearly, some make me feel like brand new but “LOVE” breaks a mold while staying true to themselves and their incredible Space Rock sound.

I found a whole new respect for this band when I heard that it was released for free off of their website. A band works tirelessly to create a work of art such as this and then they choose to do that work for the sake of music, for people everywhere to listen to for no price at all. Simply amazing.

I highly Recommend that anyone who is interested in this album listen to it from start to finish. It is the only way to fully appreciate it. Seriously, anyone can find something in this album. A great modern sound that is fully developed, matured, and groundbreaking. The spacey backdrop of the instruments makes for a great listen among the equally whole and harmonized overall sound of, LOVE.

Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed, and if you are, well, you just have no heart. No heart at all.


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