Photo Journalistic Blog Post

So I don’t usually do more than one post a day but in this case I just remembered I had some really awesome pictures that I took of me preparing to draw the next piece of my mural on the wall of my room.

I’ll first explain what my mural is.

It is a collection of lead vocalists of some of the bands that really influence my life, and that I think influence the music world around them. Some really original stuff comes out of these artists and I wanted to make something that reflects that, the only way I know how, through writing and drawing. So here are the pictures I have taken so far. Ones that I took with my shitty camera. I think one will be my home page photo, because I like it so much.

First Photo of my “Studio”. Ha my Alexisonfire poster snuck in there.

Me eying my wall. That was one portrait I did of the Lead singer from Motion City Soundtrack about a month prior to these pictures


Started my latest Piece of the Lead Singer from A Day to Remember!

And there you have it, only four pictures but I think they tell a decent story and it shows you how messed up my room is when I’m about to draw something, I mean look at that! I even took off my matress! 😛



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