The Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel

Okay so I have some good news and some very tragic news which makes for a massive post so bare with me.

The good news is that I think I found a new hobby that I would like to continue trying, known to the world as longboarding.

The very tragic news on the other hand is that my wow account just ran out today, and I have no money to buy a new time card! Freakin’ devastating… Oh and to make matters worse, not only do I have to be part of the stage crew at my school for one more day, but I have to do it in a real life situation! I’m stage crewin’ for our Halton Music Showcase tomorrow bright and early at 7:00 and I don’t know how I will survive, maybe with lots of luck and possibly a magic glowing sword crafted by Zeus himself – A clash of the titans reference for those of you who have not yet realized.

So my new hobby was founded when I watched these incredible videos on youtube the other day about the Original Skateboard team. This group went down to Puerto Rico and were skating the entire island, shredding is more like it. They met some crazy dudes and had some awesome adventure’s but the skating they were doing was so crazy that I wanted to pick it up and do what they do. So i’m learning the techniques and practicing on my own longboard that I just bought for cruising, not intending to actually bomb huge hills or anything but that’s what I want to learn now. I’ll link part 1 of the 7 part videos for anyone who stumbles across this post.

So my life is starting to make a lot more sense now. Things are just kinda coming together. I have a few hobbies that are keeping me occupied, like my music and longboarding and even writing, that’s why I made this blog in the first place anyways. Been playing a hell of a lot more guitar and learning some sick songs, so I’m having fun with that. I even have an idea of what I want to go to college for, which is great because I am so sick of High School!

As of right now I’m really thinking about journalism courses. I finally have a direction! I’ve always loved the arts, I just didn’t know what I liked the best and now I think its writing. My friends are still with me, and my family is right there as well. Now I just need to find something to do for a year while I wait to start college – I decided to wait another year before I left for college, I felt I was to young. But I’m not to sure about my job at Canadian Tire. I might need to find something else soon, I was never good at staying dormant in one spot for to long.

Okay life rant over.

Begin withdrawal symptoms from not playing World of Warcraft :S


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