The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Hello kind readers of the internet, the blog that you are currently viewing is a compilation of many things that influence and make my life the way it is. I, like many people of today’s ever changing world of media and voice am interested in a large mix of things that make our so called geek world tick.

The direction that I am taking this blog in surrounds the Geek culture including things that have caught my attention such as popular Movies, Comic Books, T.V shows and especially video games, most importantly the MMORPG community surrounding the World of Warcraft or just anything that strikes my fancy. I don’t plan on being the first or fastest with the latest information, we’ll leave that to the professionals.

Along with reporting news on updates and recommendations to do with these topics I will be expressing my review or opinion on them while trying my best to not give away spoilers. Each site that information is borrowed from will ether be cited or have a direct link to the website of origin, also other blogs or websites that will give you more information or insight on each topic will be recommended if need be.

I hope you will stick around for this development in progress. Or not, it’s up to you.


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